Hey whats going on everybody, i know I am new to this forums, but i figure i post in the fan art section, because I am an artist(HIPHOP) and i wanted to share this song i wrote about street fighter! if you can take a few and visit the link and view the live performance and maybe drop a comment that would be dope. I know you will love it.

thank you link below

[media=youtube]VueTEfNmEdY[/media] joystickmadness

hey would love some feed back

Hey man, the lyrics ain’t too bad but I think having some music or tempo in the background would really help stand it out. hahaha, Man those lights look hot on the stage.

Oh nah its a song, I got one on beat…its on my

And them lights was hot lol

Push it to the limit

You should get a towel and nice glass of ice water.

@chaos123x yeah it was hot lol but it still was dope …the song should be up this week, i wanted to drop the day sf4 drop,but a shit happens.