Joysticks and long fingers


Hello. Quick question regarding hand position and lengthy limbs:

Most the videos that I have found on Youtube regarding finger/hand positioning on the actual joystick of a fightstick feature people with normal-length fingers and/or sausage fingers. I know that comfortability is the key factor but considering that I have around an extra inch of finger compared to these guys, it does not help at all. And, to add, it does not get in the way of the buttons or anything like that; it’s just a bit aggravating in terms of controlling the joystick itself yet I cannot explain it in a better way so apologies if it makes little sense.

I figure that anecdotal experience is what I need in terms of suggestions from individuals since I have had poor luck in locating any solution on my own. If you have found something that works for you, please inform me, and I am appreciative of any advice given.

Thank you.


I don’t have long fingers, so I’ll probably be of no help. But can you add some details? What is it specifically you’re having problems with? Hitting buttons accidentally with your stick hand? Problems with directional inputs: dashing, diagonal jumps, fireball motion, dp motion, tiger knee motion, 360, 720, etc.? What? Because it may not be due to the fact that you have long fingers. You could just be having problems adjusting from playing on a controller to now playing on a stick, in which case, you might be experiencing a problem that many fightstick newbies share. It could also be down to the preference to types of sticks. For instance, you could just be having problems with a square-gate (assuming you have a square-gate), and maybe an octo-gate could be more beneficial to you.


I haven’t had any particular problems with my big hands playing on stick though i switched rather late and have been playing on ps3 controller for the longest time. I switch between two types of positioning while playing. The first is placing the hand on it’s edge near the wrist upon the stick, fingers bent with the motion coming from the wrist . The second is placing my elbow on the arm rest having the wrist above the stick, fingers streched again motion coming out of the wrist. If you have no armrest try pressing your elbow to your side so that the arm is overall more stable when you don’t want to place your hand upon the stick. Also I own the new Madcatz Fightstick Pro and it has a beveled edge at the front which is really comfortable to place your hand at the right range for your fingers to reach the buttons.


And like rotten said, when I first switched to Stick from Controller it was like torture ^^ Felt extremely uncomfortable and got muscle aches all over.
But that was rather because of trying to break my old habits than the hand or fingers per se.
Also I might have confused your problem being about the stick hand or button hand. But the hand placing is similar i have a balltop with the stick between midle and ring finger. Middle and index finger wrapped around the ball top thumb pressing from the side. I don’t use my pinky at all just pressing with the ring finger from below, motion comes from the wrist.


Did OP died?

I don’t think it matters so much how you hold the stick. They way I hold the stick for 2D games is different from how I hold the stick when I play a game like Tekken that involves wave-dashing.

The biggest advice I could give you is however you hold the stick, just make sure that you always return to neutral, and that your neutral position allows you to be prepared for any motion, basic or complex: diagonal jumps, dash (back and/or forward), fireball, dp, 360, etc. And you should familiarize yourself with charge characters, if you haven’t already. Because although you might not play one now, you may pick a charge character up down the road. It’s a good habit to charge after every move. Like TCMJ-Deuces said, it’s hard to break bad habits.
The same goes with grapplers. Practice 360 and 720 motions.
I don’t really have any advice for your button hand. I’m still learning how people pull off certain karas.


if the stick presents problem and buttons do not, switch to a hitbox


I’ve had this same problem in the past because I have big hands, I got through it by finding a spot for my hand, wrist, and forearm that I found comfortable. After that, I just kept practicing on stick, it’s gonna be rough, and you’ll probably lose a certain percent of the time because you’re breaking the stick in, but you’ll do better when you get used to it.