Joysticks are not delicate little flowers. Please USE them and relax

It’s almost 7am and I’m about to go to bed. So this might be a bit odd, but this just occurred to me.

It seems like with the release of SFIV, obviously there is a huge influx of new players into the scene. There are a lot of people who are interested in learning SF, and also the technical aspects of joysticks. This is awesome.

However, I have noticed a trend lately with people who don’t really seem to understand that sanwa, seimitsu, happ, fanta, crown, etc buttons and sticks are STURDY PARTS DESIGNED FOR ABUSIVE ARCADE ENVIRONMENTS. Arcade operators can go for MONTHS of 8-12 hour days of CONSTANT play in MUCH WORSE environments than you will EVER be able to recreate at home, guys.

I see threads with posts like “Don’t ride the stick’s gate, that is bad form”. Dude the gate is THERE TO BE RIDDEN, quit handling your arcade stick like she’s an innocent virgin highschool girl and RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN.

I admit I am pretty heavy handed. So when I press buttons, yeah you can hear it and it’s kinda loud. Knowing that I am heavy handed and knowing how ANAL a lot of people are with their sticks, I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS bring my OWN sticks to every gathering so I can use them without hearing someone bitch, “EASY ON MY STICK MAN!” etc. Thanks to the guy who let me borrow your stick at evo, only because some irresponsible ass Seattle player had to borrow mine to play his match. And of COURSE right after 90 minutes of waiting to play my match, as soon as I, RESPONSIBLE guy who brought my own equipment lends my shit out, I get called up to play my match ASAP. I am sorry you might’ve heard me hit your buttons harder than normal dude, but I guarantee you in the 5 rounds that I borrowed your stick it took NO DAMAGE okay? Chillax.

Now, I am not WAILING on the sticks like an idiot, I am pressing them fastly but my hands are not delicate and nimble. But if you think I am damaging your stick just because you can hear my button presses, you are DEAD WRONG. I have only ever replaced ONE set of joystick and buttons in any of my sanwa sticks, and I had it for YEARS of constant play where myself and anyone that needed to borrow a stick got to use. Took it to evo, and dozens and dozens of tourneys and house games, dropped the shit out of it, etc, and when I “wore it out” it was only SLIGHTLY less reliable than new, as in my diagonals were not 100% like new, more like 99.5% reliable. Still PERFECTLY USEABLE, I am just a HUGE joystick snob and could feel a slight difference. After years of my HEAVY ASS HANDS playing hundreds of hours of casuals, tournaments, dropping the stick, putting it in a bag and and packing shit on top of it, tons of abuse… it dropped 0.5% in performance. Why are you guys so damn worried?

I sold that stick and those buttons to someone as used, and never received a single complaint about them.

I know for a lot of players their sticks are big investments, and money definitely is hard to come by these days. So I can definitely sympathize, because I don’t like people to mis-use my stuff and damage it either. But what you guys have to realize is this stuff is INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, and unless someone is TRYING to break it, there is almost no possible way for them to damage it more than casual playing. And a replacement button is what, three bucks? Chill out and ENJOY THE HOBBY and stop having a fucking hernia, you will live longer and enjoy fighters more.

People who worry so much about their sticks and buttons are like those oldass guys who fix up a classic car and leave it in their garage for years on end to just look at and never drive it. You are completely missing the point and stressing yourself out needlessly.

Thanks for listening. :tup:

Nominated :tup:

Although my friend does have a stick made out of a cardboard box and MDF board with some holes cut in it, and it feels like it’s going to snap in two whenever I use it :rofl:

I think the people saying “don’t ride the gate” are less concerned about stick health, and more about speed or whatever.

As for loaning stuff, I think handling other people’s stuff more carefully than you would your own is just polite, regardless of what the object is or how sturdy it is. But that’s just me I guess.

No doubt, definitely. However, if it is EVO of all places, I really can’t adjust my heavy ass hands to touch a stick like a lady friend on the fly. If you are concerned about heavy button presses at a major tournament, don’t volunteer to let someone use your stick, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. And I definitely treated his stick better than I would mine. And I don’t even think the guy was out of line to tell me ANYTHING, he is within his rights to say “please don’t breathe so heavily on my stick” since it’s his and not mine. I just think he is mis-educated and over estimates how much damage a few heavy button presses will do.

My personal sticks are usually scuffed to all hell, the wiring is hella ghetto like a rat’s nest…but they work JUST AS GOOD as some pretty little custom stick. It largely doesn’t MATTER how you treat your joysticks except for aesthetic reasons, real arcade parts are tougher and more resilient to wear and tear and damage than 99% of people on these forums seem to understand.

I saw a player at Northwest majors have a blue screen in marvel (when the mas sticks’ crappy PCB disconnects momentarily) during an important combo, and he ended up losing the match. He calmly stood up, turned, looked down at the joystick, and then JUMPING STOMPED ON IT. Dead on the buttons and right in the middle. The wood cracked a little bit. But the delicate OPTICAL P360 WORKED FINE AND SO DID ALL THE DAMN BUTTONS. So you guys getting worked up over fingers pressing down too hard on buttons really need to get some perspective.

Another war story, Shirts was playing ST casuals at Evo 2k8 and lost a game. He stood up and PUNCHED HIS HRAP extreeeemely hard and stormed off. Yeah his stick was perfectly fine. I threw a TE in disgust during a money match because I of a misunderstanding I had between me, the game, and the stick (I thought the stick was not blocking left, it was, it was just an ambiguous same side crossup by Guile in ST that I had never heard of). Threw it at the ground out of anger, and of course it was perfectly fine. That is the only time I’ve ever thrown a stick.

a) It is sturdy enough to withstand MONTHS in arcade environments or else they wouldn’t be cost effective.
b) You can probably STOMP on it and it will still work fine.
c) Even if a button or a stick breaks, you are looking at around $3 for a button and $20 for a stick. That is HELLA cheap equipment by ANY hobby’s standards. Is it worth getting into a snit over?

Riding the gate is discouraged for qcf/hcf type moves, since it leads to bad execution

Im scared its going to break because once it breaks it wont be replaced/fixed. <— Lacking funds

nominated, although the reason people are told not to ride the gate is because they have trouble with motions, not because they will break the stick.

For sure, if you know that you’re a bit anal about the stick, don’t lend it to anyone.

I certainly agree that when you’re on your own stick, or lending one from someone less concerned, there’s no harm in using a bit of force. Like you say, these parts are meant to survive in the wild.

Mines pretty much a wooden box with holes in it, and the wiring and pcb are wobbling around loosely inside :rofl:

My execution improves x2 when I ride the gate. Maybe it’s because I’m too used to P360’s.

I think most people who say don’t ride the gate say that as execution advice because you don’t need to ride the gate to get the proper inputs.

Otherwise, I agree.

By the time the parts break, you’ve probably saved up for 2 new sticks or more.

I’d have to say that the standard edition SFIV sticks are rather crappy though. I got one when they first came out, and within an hour, all of the upward directions on the stick did not work. Took that one back and got a free replacement, and the stick on it lasted maybe about 5 or 6 months until it was dead too.

Everyone else that I have known that has owned a SE SFIV stick have had similiar problems too. The only upside to these sticks is how easy it is to swap out better parts on them, cause otherwise the stick or some buttons are going to crap out on you within a few months… guarantee it.

You’re probably thinking this was the first stick I had ever used, and let me tell you, no, it was not. We’ve been using the Tekken 5 Hori’s for years and never had a problem with them. They still work like a charm.

That’s the only stick I’ve had any problems with. Most other well known and mass produced sticks work and hold up quite well.

Now that I lucked out and got the VF High Grade stick, I’ve never been happier. Best stick I’ve ever played on, hands down.

<-- Little one routinely stands on both of my sticks. When I am around and I am sure when I am not. No issues ever. + I hit buttons pretty hard, no issues. I have a custom + DUSTY OLD P360 (like 10 years old) + sei buttons. I agree with OP, lighten up everyone.

Madcatz SE stick is rubbish. Even the Start/Select and peripheral buttons are crap. It’s pretty good after you replace the stock parts with Sanwas though. I actually prefer it to the TE because it’s much lighter on my lap.

The only thing I won’t loan my stick out for is Marvel. Seeing/hearing people mashing out hailstorms and such in that game makes me cringe.

Personaly I’d be more worried about my MDF coming unglued or the plexi (well not plexi but it’s clear plasticy thing forgot what it’s called) getting cracked, buttons and stick may be built to last but the box can be some people’s worries.

Nice to know that I don’t have to go easy on the buttons though, was getting worried that I’d started hitting them harder as I got more comfortable with using a stick.

Would probably only lend out my SE if that’s the case though, pretty sure that case can handle the mashing if the sanwas are safe.

If you used a proper quality wood glue, the glue bond is actually stronger than the wood itself. So unless there is an impact strong enough to break wood (like a…pinpoint karate chap or elbow technique), it would be literally impossible to break your box by just playing on it.

I can see lexan/plexi getting scratched up or cracked if dropped, but you would have to have some CRUSTY azz hands to cause damage to hard plastic from laying your palms on it and pressing buttons. And I imagine you wouldn’t lend your stick to construction workers on their lunch break right? :karate:

Yea do people actually play on those awesome looking joysticks in the tech forum?

If anything, my stick gets dirty after a few hours of use. I wouldnt want that to happen to that amazing plexiglass picture of a half naked anime girl that I paid out the balls for

Care to elaborate on this one, d3v? I don’t see how that is the case at all. Genuinly asking, not being a twat. Cheers.

I wipe my sticks down with a microfiber cloth that I bought just for them after use. Then again, I’m a bit OC when it comes to cleanliness.

It’s faster if you perform a regular quarter/semi-circular motion, only tapping the gate when you hit the four cardinal directions as opposed to having the stick at maximum throw (at the gate) throughout the whole motion.