Joysticks compatible with Vista 64 bit?

What joysticks are compatible with Vista 64 bit? I’ve always used a modded Xbox Pelican Real Arcade stick with an Xbox to USB adapter and the XBCD driver. My new computer is has Vista 64 bit though, so the XBCD driver doesn’t seem to work with it.

Will the Virtua Fighter 5 stick work? Any other sticks that will work or a 64 bit driver to get my Xbox stick to work? Thanks

Any Xbox 360 controller/stick works, just download the appropriate drivers.

Cool, I knew about the controllers being compatible but I wasn’t sure about the arcade sticks. Sounds odd I know, but I didn’t wanna go buy the VF 5 stick,t not work for some reason and me be stuck with a stick I can’t use since I don’t have a 360. Thanks a bunch.

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