Joysticks on XBL



Do most of you that play SF IV or HD Remix on XBL use joysticks? I was just wondering because I was thinking about getting one fot SF and SC.


i dont know if its most of the players … but i would get a stick … i dont have a working one right now for my 360 and the standart controller just sucks … im glad that i could unlock every character with it but was no fun


Do you have any suggestions for a good reliable stick. I’m kind of tight on money right and definately not willing to spend 100+ on one. I also don’t need any special designs or anything ye, just a basic stick.


The hori stick is fine. It retails for about 60 bucks. It’s not pro as hell or anything, but it does the trick if you can’t afford a top of the line one.


This one?


Yeah, that’s the one. There are a few different versions of it. It’s pretty decent.


more like this
but a shame its sold out … i think it was like 120$

maybe you should try to get a madcatz se from gamestop
maybe you can get one … i think it was like 80$ … sold out on amazon too …

i wouldnt get a ex2 except this would be the only stick you can get … but try to get at least a madcatz se


I’m hearing a whole bunch of problems about the madcatz one. i think I’ll just wait like a month and see if the prices for the HRAP go down or look on eBay


I had one of the Madcatz SFIV Fightsticks, one of the buttons stopped working after 2 days of use. I took that back and ordered a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX.

The Hori works perfectly, I highly recommend it.


I’m currently tring to make my own right now. Also waiting for more TE sticks to come out


I would try getting the SE stick and modding it. Its way easy, I’m a first time modder and its real simple. Just go through the threads in the tech forum if you plan to go this route.


Sometimes it just looks cheaper to just make one with these prices online. Ever since SF4 came out, the sticks either went up in price, or just went kaput.


I’m too lazy to mod my own but I really want one. I’d preferably like a custom one but like I said before money is really tight. i guess my best best is to buy the HRAP EX and get new buttons huh?


I have been using the hori ex2 fighting stick and it hasn’t let me down yet. It’s not perfect or anything but it definitely works.


I’m doing pretty good with the 360 controller, but I know i’d be a hell of a lot better with a joystick. I’m trying to find an hori EX2 now.


My madcatz SE has been treating me just fine. Good times, too.


I use a Hori EX2 and it hasn’t broke yet. Got it late December and have been playing HD Remix and now SFIV with it. I would recommend it if you can find it and then when/if the parts break or if you want to when you have the cash just replace them. I’m planning on modding this stick in the summer when I have more money and time. Hopefully it will last me until then. :smile:


Big fan of the vewlix layout. Get a madcatz se. Hori sticks work good too.


I vouch for the MadCatz SE stick. I’m pretty sure MC will have fixed any of the issues from the first batch since it created a huge stir, so anything from the 2nd batch should be fine. I bought one from the first batch and it’s been fine since day one. I even opened it up to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I guess I just got lucky the first time around.

You mentioned that you wanna mod your stick with quality parts as well, and it can’t get any easier with the MC SE stick. The overall base is hefty and well built as well. My friend has two Hori EX2’s and you can definitely feel the quality difference.

Stock, my SE stick hasn’t failed me. I can only imagine how much better it’ll be once I put some Sanwa parts into it.

P.S. Modding the EX2 isn’t a walk in the park. Check out the threads in the Tech Forum.


If you do get the MC SE. I recommend going to lizardlick and ordering a jlf-TP-8YT joystck, that is ganna drop in perfectly. It’s up to you to get buttons but. The joystick is a must. You will want the sanwa 30 mm buttons to replace. Easiest stick to mod.