Joysticks with non-levered microswitches

Sanwa JLF
Happ competition / iL eurojoystick

Anyone aware of any other joysticks that use directly actuated microswitches (rather than bladed / levered microswitches)?

Sorry if this seems obvious, search didn’t turn up much & I cant read polish to make heads or tails of kowal’s site.

I believe most–if not all–Seimitsu joysticks fit that description. The Sanwa JLW might as well. A number of Korean sticks (generally the better ones) also qualify.

I’m sure there are others out there somewhere but that probably covers all the major ones.

Out of curiosity, why do you ask?

uh deadfrog, you have it wrong. All Seimitsu sticks, most Korean, the Sanwa JLW, and the Happ Super use levered microswitches. The Sanwa JLF, the Happ Competition, the Happ Ultimate, and the Crown CLW 305 do not.

STC suzo
Joystick P/SM-45
Wico microswitch joystick
old ver. Magnetick joystick/T-stick :slight_smile:
happ Ultimate
Coin Control/Casino Stick but has ABS lever on base

all stick on my site has bottom photo:)

Thank you very much, Kowal.
I was especially interested to know if the Suzo STC used levers.
I looked at your photos, but the restrictor plate is opaque, and it’s hard to see through narrow opening.


and noname stick:

friend buy it for me on e - bay. but I have not them yet.this probably old version suzo or MCA or very old happ model

Apparently my understanding is wildly incorrect. Could someone please explain to me the difference between “directly actuated” microswitches and “bladed” or “levered” ones?

Directly is without the metal strip in between
the actual micro switch and joy stick.

I was wondering if Deadfrog thought about leaf switches?
Since they use two strips of metal each switch.

leaf switches use two strips of metal instead of a switch.

I don’t have that particular Suzo, I’ve got an older Suzo that uses rubber for centering, instead of a spring. And that particular model easily accepts short levered microswitches; not sure what it originally came with though, because mine was bought used. Looking at your pics, the STC looks too ‘tight’ to accept those type of microswitches and the actuator also looks different too…

Thanks for the prompt photos & video, kowal.

I have STC on order now to test out.