Joysticks with plastic case, screw threading problems?


1st thing I want to know is whether the Hrarp and TE sticks have metal case or plastic case. if the casing is metal, the threading for the screws shouldn’t wear out easily, right? I know the plate where the buttons sit on is usually metal for arcade sticks, but I don’t know about the case because I only had budget sticks so far.

right now I have the most basic hori fighting stick v3.
if I buy a hori rarp it will cost me 150 bucks
but if I mod my budget v3 with sanwa parts, it will only cost me less than 75 dollars. my problem with the 2nd option is that the casing is plastic, the threadding for the screws seem to get easily worn out if I unscrew it too many times.

are the case for the budget sticks good enough or not? do the TE and HRAR stick casing really make that much difference other than weight? are there other issues I should worry about with the case?


The case is plastic with metal top and bottom panels.

f the casing is metal, the threading for the screws shouldn’t wear out easily, right?
From my experiences, this is not always true. The Top Panel of a TE screws into metal nuts mounted in the plastic.
Rest is all plastic.

The most basic Hori V3 Fighting Stick is not a Hrap. Hrap are Hori’s more premium line sticks.


Most of these plastic cases for high end sticks use metal threading anyway.


the threading on your plastic case shouldn’t get worn out if you’re just swapping in parts. the weight distribution on the TEs and HRAPS really helps keep the stick still on your lap when you’re mashing out DPs against the gate, although you shouldn’t be doing that anyways. budget cases can be turned into some great slim/travel sticks but require alot of modding. your hori v3 won’t readily accept sanwa buttons without some soldering and won’t mount a jlf body without some modifications and even then will sit high. if you’re new to modding it may benefit you to buy the premium editions and save yourself alot of hassle.

i had this hori stick on my watch list:
it comes with sanwa parts and may end up selling cheap


Unless you’re over-tightening the screws each time you open the casing, there shouldn’t be any reason for the threading to crap out on you.

I used a Hori Fighting Stick VX for a long while, and I opened it up for mods and parts swaps VERY often. Never had an issue with the threads dying on me.

That’s not entirely true. Yes, it’ll take some modding, but you can get a JLF to sit at the proper height.
To get proper mounting height, you’ll need to NOT use the mounting plate, and install it like in this thread (scroll down a little bit) NEW Hori Fighting Stick VX (360) & V3 (PS3) Thread
Incidentally, if you need any information in modding the Hori FSVX/V3, it’s all in that thread.

You will, however, need to desolder to remove the stock buttons. You might be able to get by with just crimping to put in standard Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons, though.


that’s why I said I am considering getting a hrarp or not because my basic v3 is not working out.

yeah, I definitely don’t want to carry a brick with me when I go play at friend’s place, less weight is helpful in its own way.