Joytech Neo SE Common ground problem

Hi guys,

This is my first post so first of all hello to everybody :wink: .
I have a small problem, I thought the Neo Se controllers were common ground, so I went out and bought one. After some research I didn’t find any diagram or tut on where the signal and ground points are. I then started mapping myself, everything seems to be ok, but when I get to the RB and LB triggers I get lost. Whenever I connect them to another ground the pad does things it shouldn’t do, instead of going right it goes down for example. Now I’m going to install this in a one player vertical cab, so do you think I’ll be needing those triggers in the first place and if yes how to do so? I’ve already done 2 original 360 pads with all the grounds separated, but don’t want to do that again for this cab ( helluva job )
So has anyone done these pads before or can someone give me some tips :wink:
Thnx in advance!


bump, someone?


I’ve successfully hacked a Joytech NEO SE, including LT and LR without any issues. PM me if you have any detailed questions.