Joytech NeoSE

Hey guys, I was trying to use the search engine to see if there has been a post about this already, but I guess it’s still down.

anyway, i’m working on my first stick, and I had an extra Joytech NeoSE controller that i never use, so i’m going to use that for my pcb inside the controller, all of the solder points are incredibly easy to locate and connect to, except for the shoulder buttons. Since the triggers are kind of analog?, i don’t really know the terminology for them, i can’t seem to find solder points on the PCB to connect to the buttons on the stick, can anyone help me out?(kinda lost about what to do heh)

Here’s the a post from the padhacking thread, it sums up what you need to do with a picture. You can either remove the pots and add a resistor, or hot-glue the pots to the “open” position and just add the button as normal:

Though personally, I just skipped LT and RT, and went with LB and RB. Then again, I’ve never been a fan of 8-button layouts.

Depending on how the triggers are set up on this particular controller, you might need this thread:

i read through the threads you posted and i’m still kinda lost, i don’t know how the triggers work really. don’t know much about pcbs beyond soldering to points i’ve already tested. I don’t have the board with me atm or i’d post a picture, i’ll edit this later when i have one.

I’ve also thought of a workaround, albeit a kind of slapped together one. I could simply wire the 7th and 8th buttons to all 3 PPP and KKK board buttons, but i don’t really want to lose functionality on the stick by not having the LT and RT on it.

Ok, I had some spare time and poked around in mine to see… You’ll need to follow the instructions in the second link, which means either an NPN transistor per trigger, or a hex inverter chip. I threw together a horribly ugly pic from my board, hopefully it’ll help. In theory, you should remove both trigger pots, pick up 4 resitors and 2 NPN transistors, and hook them up like this:

I’m sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong.