JOYTECH XBOX neo 360 directional HACK HELP

Hey guys I’m trying to pad hack an xbox 360. Apparently, my version of the joytech doesnt have a common ground so I wired EVERYTHING. :frowning:
but i got almost everything to work EXCEPT!!! the directional.
The sanwa JLF i have comes with 5 cables … up down left right and a ground
it only has ONE ground so that is what is killing me and making me confused. Is there a common ground among the directional pads?
the directions all are connected properly because if i check one of them with the ground then it works . like up and ground = works.

i actually got 3 out of 4 working. but i can never get the up to work!! please helppppp

again its the joytech neo 360

Well, you have a tough choice to make. In order to use JLF microswitch PCB, you will have to CUT the green traces on the PCB and wire the ground and signal wires to EACH of the microswitch yourself, but because the sanwa microswitches were designed to mount on PCB, you will need to solder the wires directly to the short leads on the microswitches.

Here’s the photo of the Sanwa PCB, on the right hand corner where the connector is located, you will need to CUT every single trace (darker green lines) you see. SO none of them are connected to each other, it will be real ugly when you finish with it.

A better alternative is to just use NON-PCB microswitches. I recommend Happ Cherry switches, they are cheap $.87 each from lizardlick + shipping.

Simply put them in, and connect the microswitches either via solder or .187 quick disconnects.

Here’s an example of my mod:

oh my god …
can i just use another stick?
is this really … necessary … dangit!

I don’t know how your box is designed. Assuming you have your enclosure designed to take a Sanwa JLF, your other alternative is to get:

Seimitsu LS-32 Ball Handle Joystick from lizardlick for $19.95

Make sure you get that exact model. There’s another model of Seimitsu which also use a PCB like the JLF:

Seimitsu LS-32**-01** Ball Handle Joystick $24.95. THIS ONE ALSO USE PCB MICROSWITCH (wrong one for your case).

thanks a lot faux

do you have any idea if the seimitsu ls 32 works well?

i’ve only used sanwa jlf …