Joytron 3 in 1 King of Fighters stick

Just saw this go up on Play Asia during the weekend - anybody got any opinions on it?

For 30 ish, I am tempted to get it. Its bound to be terrible for that price but maybe moddable?

looks like a rebranded mayflash considering the case and the PS2/PS3 compatibility.

its a kof mayflash??? you can definitely mod it …

Weird, it has a diagram that would suggest it’s 360 compatible…though I doubt it actually is. Like others said, looks like a Mayflash.

I bet it is a Mayflash because of the 360 mapping. Mayflash recommends using their stick with the Max Shooter (PS2 to 360).

anybody seen one of these yet? I’m interested to see how much trouble it is to mod.

Is definitely the mayflash stick.

Looks easy to mod

yep, looks like a mayflash, so easy to mod.