Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB button layout

So I’m following this guy’s guide on modding a mayflash-design stick (

His idea of setting it up so that it works with default SF4 arcade stick layout is a pretty good one, problem is that the Revolution version of the PCB has completely unmarked contact points for the buttons (, so I was hoping someone here would know how to wire it properly?

Also I just want to add that I really really want to murder the hell out of whoever at Joytron decided to build the thing with those weird ass buttons that are 2mm smaller then normal Sanwa parts. What the hell man.

I know man, those buttons are 28mm, kind of like the ones that came with the SVC CHAOS stick

28mm is the size of Korean-Style buttons, and since it is produced in Korea, they wanted to match the buttons there. Crown CWB203C buttons are a drop-in replacement, for example.

So how does someone with a 5 pin joystick wire up to this pcb? Just solder the wires to the bottom of the pcb and just pick any of the grounds for the ground wire?

Exactly, the pcb has common ground so you can pick any ground point because they are all connected to each other anyway.

hey, that looks familiar!

One last thing, I cut off the 4 switches that come with the Joytron PCB by default but left the wires there. Apparently they’re both common ground or something so apparently I can just hook it up with one of these:

just by connecting the ends of these wires to the wires that were originally connected to the 4 microswitches.

Anyone know which wires I would need to solder to which direction on the PCB to have it hook it properly?

Back again, apparently the quick disconnects I got are the wrong size. I got some .110’s because apparently “These crimp-on Quick Disconnects are the proper connectors for Japanese buttons and Crown CWB203A buttons.” and sanwa buttons are Japanese buttons?

They look to be about the right size but they actually don’t fit onto the sanwa button connectors, so I figure I should make sure before I buy a second lot. What kind do I need?

Hey guys, I just got my Paewang Revolution PCB in the mail and I have a quick question that I don’t think merits its own thread

In the top picture there is these wierd layouts for the Turbo, Back, Home, and Start buttons. Since I was planning on using all 24mm and 30mm buttons in my mod, has anyone had success simply soldering a pair of wires to either end of each of those gold connectors on the PCB?

The reason I ask is they’re clearly designed to just have a button land on them in an actual Paewang Revolution stick, but I’m using a custom stick from Art Hong @ Tek-innovations (check this guy out, wicked cool stuff and really nice guy ^^)

Soldering wires is what supposed to be done.

I figured as much, just thought I’d check.

Here’s another random question that someone might know: Since I’m using a hit box layout, I don’t have a stick and instead am using four buttons for LDRU. Since soldering wires into those white connectors looks like huge pain in the ass and I’d like to keep everything as solder-free and modular as possible does anyone know where I can find the white female ends that go into those connectors? EDIT: Or even just knows what they’re called

I’ll try poking around on digikey but hopefully someone here can save me some time 8)

You don’t solder inside the connectors. You do it on the other side of the pcb, where the connectors are soldered to the board. :slight_smile:

I have a question on the Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB. What connectors are those for the directional inputs? And are you able to connect them to any stick? (For instance a sanaw jlf that has the two prongs for a signal and ground?) I want to order a pcb and i know i can connect everything but the directional inputs on the board are throwing me off a bit.

You don’t have to use the connectors, you can follow my advice from before:

And yes, you can connect any joystick to the PCB.

Ah im dumb for not seeing those connections. lol. This seems like such a crazy good board. I just wish i could figure out a workaround to be able to use voice chat on xbox with it. I was thinking of having the hori board still in and when i plub in my stick it would see two controllers but now with SFXT coming out and having 4 players being able to play all at once I feel this would be a poor design flaw, unless i can come up with a way to turn the hori board on and off.

If I wanted to use a joystick that required + 5v of power where would I solder the wire to?

I just noticed that the USB cord has 5 wires to the pcb, 2 of which are black. If i wanted to make the cord shorter how would i do that? Most USB cords have 4 wires. Would i solder together both grounds to the black cable?

If you want to.
Or cut the thick black Shielded Ground.