Joytron Paewang Revolution Use NOT Mod

I want to buy and use the Joytron Paewong Revolution right out of the box. I currently own a MadCatz 360 SE fightstick. What are the similarities and differences. What should I know about the revolution before buying it for use and not modding. If there is a thread I couldn’t find, where this fightstick is placed on a tier list for usage, or somewhere I can find reviews of this product, please let me know.

Its pretty bad unless you mod it, but it works on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 which is a huge plus for its own merit.

The buttons on the Joytron i would say are a bit better, but i like the Joystick on the SE after you add an extra spring to it.
Either way, at some point for both Arcade sticks, you will have to replace the buttons and/or joystick if you wish to continue normal use of them.

When/if this is the case, the SE is much easier to do this with as the Joytrons buttons are 28mm and accept crown pushbuttons without modding, whereas the SE takes 30mm Sanwa/Siemetsu buttons drop in. If you wish to use the 30mm buttons on the Joytron, you will have to enlarge the holes on the joytron with a metal file.

[]Joytron top panel is plastic (not metal), and the whole case is a bit lighter than SE.
]Joytron layout is old Hori (e.g. HRAP ver.A) on a flat panel.
[]Joystick is similar to Hori OEM, but uses cheaper Chinese (?) switches instead of Omron.
]Buttons are 28mm and non-microswitched.
Personally, I hate the stock parts and think they should be destroyed within seconds, but I have been defeated by Joytron users.

Also upgrading the stick in the joytron to a JLF with the proper height is a bit of a pain due to it not being a drop in solution