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Hello all

I don’t post much at this board anymore. but I have a surprise!

Jozhear Blog

So yeah! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. Now that I am sponsored it is a smart thing to do. Lots of incentive to get in there and write.

Anyway, you should expect the first few match up guides soon.

Please feel free to offer feedback, and suggestions for what you would like from either the matchup guides once they start coming or, the site as a whole.

Until then happy slashing. Pce.

Also… It would be great if you guys could follow me on twitter.

EDIT: I made a brief edit to my “What to expect” post. Initially I would divide matchup entries between “Advantages, Disadvantages, and Ebb and Flow” but I realized it would be much easier to put them into “Offense, Defense, and Footsies” because that’s a much more realistic format.

I keep writing and trying to explain a situation but being like… “oh i’m going a certain way. Head to this section later!” It’s a lot easier to just WRITE about “Offense” then have everything be put together in such a superficial way.

That would be great, Jozhear.

Some might want to add Honda to those MU, but Ryu and Blanka are indeed very good choices. ^^

Honda, Ryu, DeeJay would be nice! Congratz on the sponsorship!

I’m glad you’ve taken up on this. Tried getting my old “How to Vega” blog going again but my head doesn’t want to get on with it XD.
You’ll do a far better job too with more experience :3

i love it! thanks in advance for all you’ll write!

[LEFT]Can’t wait![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Edit: And congrats to your sponsorship! [/LEFT]

Thanks everyone

New blog post today, check it out - maybe not for some more advanced but i generally just talk about Vega’s normals

I figured I ought to explain what i think of the character before it tell everyone how to use him against others =)

thanks Joz i just read and really enjoyed it even if it just discussed normals :slight_smile:

I think “Dolphin Kick” for is a suitable name for it.

Already started using it in my vocabulary :wink:

i’ve never seen anyone refer to standing HP and st. fp lol. even back in the days of jab strong fierce short forward roundhouse, i never seen that notation.

Fantastic blog.

Reading input from one of the best of us is invaluable to any serious Vega. Thank you for taking the time.

I have a question, Joz :smiley:
About Cl.MP, I saw Reiketsu use it as counter Throw when in defense and Chris King use it to frame trap when attacking, what do you think about this , I dont see you mentioned it in your blog

Well, I think I can answer that.
You use to fake a cl.hp. That set you up for a kara throw when the enemy is thinking that he has to block the second attack of cl.hp

This is pretty cool, Joz. I need to find some time to read through it all.

I updated the first two posts with pics, so it’s much easier on the eyes. it’s not just a huge wall of text

Eventually, I’ll find a way to make a “hub” of sorts, kind of like the one you see on Event hubs. Basically, you can go to the “hub”, find a move / command normal / special etc., and just click on that move and it’ll take you to that information section.

so you can be like Oh I don’t have much use for cl. mp… let’s see what Joz says, go to hub, find cl. mp on the hub, click, boom

As of right now it’s a little more “bare” since i just started.

And of course the next part is about “Setups” which I think most people here will really be looking forward to. Each set up will be accompanied with video.

After that, “putting it all together”, which is more or less talking about how all of Vega’s tools are used in conjunction, in a general sense. This part will be mostly my opinion, but basically the main goal of the blog is to

  1. Help Vega players establish or build upon their knowledge base (especially when the matchup guides start coming once i’m done these first few “Vega Guides”)
  2. Encourage resourcefulness and independent thinking by explaining my thought processes

So always feel free to talk at me

As for cl. mp, if Reiketsu used it on defense I doubt it was on purpose. it’s 7 frames which for a defensive move is pretty slow.

But like Hatzlan said it’s another move to diversify the rythm of your offense. Don’t forget that counter hit cl. mp does combo into 4 frame moves on counter hit though.

The reason I didn’t talk much about that is cl. mk does that job better (1 frame faster). I’ve never thought of cl. mp as a fake cl. hp. But if that’s what other people think there is probably some legitimacy to that idea.

Remember guys always feel free to talk to me. In the coming days my dinosaur youtube channel will finally rise from the fossilized depths to actually feature useful information. So everyone stay tuned and thanks for being a part of this~!

Not much to say at the moment, I’m waiting for the sexy character specific write ups.

But keep it up man! This is going to be a great resource.

Also, Dolphin Kick is a Final Fantasy reference right?

Great info, Joz, we;re very appreciated ur hard work

If you did a few ji.hp cl.hp H.RCF on the opponent, trust me, next time you get a jump in you can use that and throw right away (doesn’t even need to kara if the jump in was close) that he won’t even try to tech.

And about Reiketsu using in defense. I am pretty much sure that he was trying to plink the throw tech with MP and he messed it up pressing all buttons at the same time.

I got your point, very reasonable :smiley:

No, I just think he kicks like a Dolphin :3

But now that you mention it that is one of Tifa’s limit break moves, isn’t it?