JP only


Anyone else notice these rooms? It’s fucking bullshit, getting kicked out because you use the English voices instead.


or maybe because, they are japaneses that want to have good connection games


Your handle combined with the thread subject is great!


These were good connections.


Well I didn’t wanna say it, but Japanese players are often kinda racist.

They assume that you will have a bad connection (and by their terms it might be even if its good for you), and in my experience they don’t wanna play against you anyways.


Start a room
Call it US Only


yeah i’ve had a bad connection with a japanese player

I understand now.


Japanese love to hunt gaijins, srsly. If they do let you in the room they’ll just dick around with you usually, unless you are actually whooping their ass.


i think the OP is only complaining about being kicked out for using English voices instead of Japanese. Has nothing to do with connections.

And if that’s the case, wows.


LoL I thought JP only mean japanese players not japanese voices only. Thats bad.


Yeah, I was talking about this. I don’t join shit connection games.


That’s what I thought. Well you got to say your peace at least.