JP SF4 fight sticks?


Hey All,

Looked (not hard) to see if there was any review/thread covering this.

Has anyone ever imported the fight sticks from Japan? (like the one in URL below)

They worth it?

Are they using quality parts, or a madcatz type of setup?

Any feedback is appreciated.



Pretty much shows you how to mod. Generally, not too shabby as a starter stick, Hori buttons are responsive, stick is ok, just don’t expect SANWA like quality. You do not have to import that stick if you can find an EX 2 somewhere, because they are sold here in the US, just may not have the SF4 art.

Before anyone jumps down your throat, I would say look around a little before posting a new thread as it should be a last resort. Not to be condescending, but people will get angry if you don’t try to search. Hope that helps!


thats a standerd Hori fight stick for 360, and its cheap but mediocore. if your new to sticks, buy it its a great starter stick to understand what you want or dont want. it works well but not the best.

i have the same one for ps3, the joystick is mediocore at best and you can replace the buttons with some work behind it.

besides that its small and not that stable (it moves alot when you play)

If your serious about sticks then try to find a hrap 3 normally goes for around 150, its 3 times price but this one is WAY better.

so my advice buy it, learn it, OR save some extra money and buy a hrap3


Mod with Sanwa button/joystick (09 join date, im getting up to speed with everything as you can tell, and am very interested in buying, building, or having built a personal joystick)

Any recommendations from a retail stand point where to get a quality stick? The madcatz TE one is good, the SE one is so-so and needs upgraded Sanwa parts.

From Japan, any recommendations?

I would even be willing to work with an individual who does complete customization, I would love to toss some ideas around with anyone willing to take on a project for $.

Please PM, and thanks for the response/s!


K now at this point, you need to go the trading outlet and trying to find yourself something good there