JPS2 Games and More!



I’ve had many successful deals on SRK and I still have some stuff leftover so let’s make a deal:

JPS2 games (NOTE: these will NOT work on a US ps2 unless it is modded properly!!)

NOTE: All games are in MINT condition and COMPLETE unless stated otherwise.

JPS2 games:
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core + Sealed Key Chain Pre-Order bonus from Play-asia. $15 shipped (US only)
Darkstalkers Collection (Greatest Hits) ($20 shipped US ONLY)
Samurai Shodown Tenka (Greatest Hits) $10 shipped (US ONLY)
King of Fighters XI $15 shipped (US ONLY)
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1 $15 shipped (US ONLY)
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 (Greatest Hits) $10 shipped (US ONLY)
Matrix: The Path of Neo (SEALED) $10 shipped (US ONLY)
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (greatest Hits) $15 shipped (US ONLY)

GameBoy SP Games

Capcom Classics Mini (Final Fight Mini for NES, Strider and Bionic Commando) $10 shipped (US ONLY)

N64 :
Castlevania: Complete. Perfect condition BUT there is a factory defect. The manual was stapled upside down. So the front cover is really the back cover-upside down) $25 shipped (US ONLY)

Chrono Trigger single cd that came with the new DS remake from Gamestop. (SEALED) $10 shipped (US ONLY)



Conditions of items (specifically ESPGaluda)?


Good luck with your sales, however please read this. You must state a price, not just “make me an offer” for items.


Apologies, I’ll fix that right now.


ESPGaluda comes complete and in MINT condition. DVD case is still glossy, The manual I have glanced through maybe 2 times, tops. This game also comes with the added DVD (Japan region, sadly) of a top player breezing through it w/ both characters.


Thanks. If you still have it by Saturday morning, I’ll take it most likely. Not asking for a hold.


I’ll certainly keep you in mind.



ESPGaluda is SOLD!

Feel free to make me offers.





Don’t bump unless you’re dropping prices.


Dropped almost every item above by $5. Except: CV (N64), Path of Neo, Chrono Trigger cd. Wouldn’t mind selling as a bulk or taking offers either. :wink: