JQ's deck designs // not a request thread

just going to drop off some ideas i have. i really would love to do this for a living. :lovin:

up there.

stupid noob, black guy raises his hand

what’s that exactly? i’m confused.

wipes those morning boogers from his eyes

oh snaps. nevermind, lol. now i know what those are. i would love to see a capcom themed deck in the future.

good shyt, JQ.

^ They’re obviously designs for the new themed maxipads.

JQ, :tup: :tup:

=] keep at it haha i want a skate board temp. =]

thanks guys! okay… lemme get a good many out in the open and i’ll start taking requests but please stop by and check out my garbage.

i had a fuggin street fighter one ready… damn photoshop fucked up on me. :frowning:

lame ><

i’d get a street fighter one if it had R. Mika on it ^^

there’s the template i got off of deviant art in the first post.

another one.

you know i was gonna take all the text off for shits and giggles but then im like nah im gonna play a game instead

pretty rad tho!!!

they’re pretty cool, i dont like the text ones though
reminds me of those lame slogan t-shirts they sell at hot topic and jc pennys
3rd one is nice

lol… that’d kinda suck.

pretty cool man, i like this one a lot.

I really like that one; brings back memories of when my older brother would skate.

pink taco lol nice.

I love the red and yellow one as well.

happy b-day, john-john.

welcome to the 25 club. where you will realize that you have only 5 years left…till ya hit teh Big 3-0.

leave the kid at grandma’s and get plastered.

i like the 4th one

wow jq you have a lot of talent man, good shit! see you at DSC3!!!

LMAO. thanks! i would if it wasn’t Fathers’ day too. :lol:

thanks, …beer match?