JR beat Tokido at EVO? O_o

wut. inb4 shitstorm because I feel like starting something.

ha ha, loyalsol told me it was true, and i heard the commentators confirm it 2 separate times, they also say he demoned tokido too…crazy stuff. :wink:

Into losers or is Tokido out now?

into losers

i’m really not surprised at all. Tokido always looks rather weak in akuma mirrors. I’d like to have seen it to see exactly how it went though. Also its still best of 3 so anything can happen… its not like it was a first to 10 or anything. Good for JR is all there really is to say about this.

So we got Shady K, JR and Tokido and Edma (played Juri tho) in loser.

Any other Akuma players still in it?

JR demoned after Tokido blocked a random tatsu and it caught him. Infiltration already made it out of pools in losers and Ed Ma isnt gonna make it out. I havent heard about Hsien but his pool is over and hes not in the brackets so I guess hes out.

hmm, some people deserve to be in top semi-finals than others.

Ed Ma made it out of pools in losers by beating Marn but he used only Juri, Eita was put into losers by a random pad Adon named Issaiah.

A pad Adon beat Eita.

ShadyK lost to Vangief surprisingly in winners finals then lost to Art in losers finals to not qualify. =(

HumanBomb and Toxy are both out.

As are the rest of the players from Australia. Shit. Oh well. Finals are going to be badass.

Yeah I just remembered Eita is there. According to eventhubs hes gonna play against GamerBee. If I’m not mistaken, that’s another japanese player that plays adon. I wonder how he got into losers. Surprising evo this year. Most of the japanese players have been knocked into the losers bracket. Only Daigo made it from what I’ve seen.

A lot of the Japanese probably weren’t ready for a tournament like this. 2000+ nonstop screaming voices and bunch of people in odd costumes covered in lights and stuff like that. It’s still shocking how few of them are winning though

are you trying to make excuses?

america america america

No. I don’t know these guys. I don’t care about the nationality of who wins at tournaments. I just figured the results might be little different. Might be nice if Chaos won though. An explosion of Ken who is already mad popular would be hilarious.

That’s a bummer. I saw Tokido in the game before he lost and he was absolutely beastly.

Quite a few remaining players still repping Akuma though. Also, how does this thing work? Eventhubs says that Tokido is in the losers bracket still. What does that mean? Can he still win this or is he done?

Huh? The winner of the WB faces the winner of the WB?

Sorry about that. Winner of LB faces Winner of WB in the Grand Finals and must win two sets of 3 out 5 to get 1st place.