J's Bistro June SSF4 Tourney @ San Marcos, TX - Every Monday

J’s Bistro
202 N LBJ Dr Ste A
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 392-3031
Google Maps Link

Super Street Fighter 4
entry fee: $5
game version: 360
game settings: versus mode, 99 seconds
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, double elimination
winners/losers finals: 3/5

Registration begins at 7:30pm and ends at 9:00pm.
Tournament Starts at 9:00pm
Free Play before 9:00pm

Prizes will be 70/20/10 of the money collected

Extra Information:
After the tournament we have other games to play too: Tekken and BlazBlue
We are open to any ideas on games. Just let us know…

We play every Monday at J’s Bistro but right now we are only going to be holding a Money Tourney the 1st Monday of every month until we can get more people coming weekly.

The restaurant profits by the food/drinks/beer you buy. TIP YOUR DAMN WAITSTAFF! At least 15%, PREFERABLY 20%. You’re taking up table space and please make it worth their time.


Are we allowed to bring our fight sticks?

so i go to txstate…and i’ve never ever heard of anyone on campus EVER playing ssf4 or sf4…if you play let me know cuz i need some local people to play lol

@Mikey - yeah Your allowed to bring you own fight stick… With have 2 cordless fightsticks built in custom stand…

@antisimaGenius- Im not from txstate… I live in Austin but im friends with the owner of J’s Bistro so i come down and co-host the tourney with another good friend of mine…

See you guys Monday!

just some more info…

yo guys, I’m co-hosting with Fiend120. wanted to give some more info on this event!

  • **FREE **to get into J’s Bistro and casual play on the machines, we’ll also give SSF4 lessons to new players (we’re all here to have fun and grow as a gaming community).

  • 21+ ONLY. It IS a bar.

  • Since J’s is being cool and not charging us a venue fee, they just ask that we drink/eat at the bar.

  • We’re holding gaming nights @ J’s Bistro in San Marcos EVERY MONDAY from 8PM-12AM. And SSF4 Tournaments every 1st Monday of the month for cash prizes (70/20/10). This is mainly for SSF4, but if enough people join in and vote, we’ll do Tekken6/BlazBlue/Halo/etc.

  • Just to reiterate, the registration money ($5/tourny player) is split to the winner as follows:
    1st - 70%
    2nd - 20%
    3rd - 10%

  • You’ll be playing on a 9ft projector screen with custom made arcade stands with wireless tekken6 control sticks; if you don’t choose to use your own sticks.

  • As soon as the SSF4 tourny is completed, stick around! We can do BlazBlue/Tekken6/Halo/SoulCal4 tournaments too!

  • Legally, we have to say that J’s Bistro does not condone gambling and this event is not hosted by J’s Bistro.

If you’ve got any more questions, please let us know! We’re trying to build this thing up but we need more hype!

Update… Just wanted to let people to know that were going to be doing this every Monday… unless we post a canceled posting here… See you all there…

Me and some guys from san antonio are thinking bout coming to this. WIll out of towners be allowed?

Yeah Most Def you guys can come… Anyone is welcome to play… Just remember you have to be 21 or older since it is a bar…

Awesome , Some cat from san Mar told me that the food is really good there, so ill defenitely munch out and Give a good tip!:smokin:



i vote tekken 6 as well!

Yea kind of hard for some of sa peeps to go since you have to be 21

is this still going on? cuz i’ll be moving back in town this thursday >:]