JTM/SRK MSPaint Whispers VI: The Dickening -- GAME THREAD



  1. chadouken!
  2. forte95
  3. NeverYouMind
  4. Joshkaz


  1. Bious
  2. Raij1n
  3. Hecatom
  4. The Co-Jones

Game will start once everyone’s ordered and I get the stimulus image out.


Good luck mofo’s. And since MP’s stealing running this game, you can all harass him for awards this time!


Checking in!


I’m going to draw so many dicks.


SRK and JTM are now tied.




On punctuality, not accuracy.


the only accuracy is how many dicks you fit in.


Or how accurately dicks get into holes. It’s like darts, where the bullseye is worth a lot of points, but you get maximum points if it hits the nape of her neck.


How’s the game going?


Is the game on an indefinite hiatus? I have yet to receive anything to be able to start my contribution.


The second drawer has turned in nothing yet.

JTM is on their third describer.


Bummer… I hope I get a description by the middle of Wednesday, otherwise it will be difficult.


@“Missing Person” name and shame plz.


chadouken! endlessly working on his dick fractal pic.



It ain’t me! I’m usually pretty quick with my submittal.


The list would imply that it is forte95 that is taking the time to actualize his pièce de résistance.


Nah, the list is always randomized when the game starts. I already submitted mine last week.

So I’m the first drawer then? What sort of stimulus image could have possibly led to the description I got…



BURN HIM @Blindknagg