JuareZ WarField 2010: CD. Juarez, Mexico National 8/14 to 8/15 results!

Before you ask ANY and I do mean ANY questions whatsoever I am going to hopefully answer 90% of them between these three videos right here:

So what is JuareZ WarField, what happened to All Versus? What happened to the invites etc etc? All that is answered right in these videos and so WATCH THEM ALL before making any posts in regards to any questions…


There you go, so basically I made something good out of a very stressful, bad situation.

Now in regards to everything else, there were some extenuating circumstances that caused just 2002 to be ran, no need to go into that either, just take it for what it is and we are going to move on.

We are trying to rectify the issues that caused stuff to be cancelled by planning a different location in December possibly so that this type of stuff will never happen again.

You can only imagine the dissapointment all of us felt upon hearing all the stuff we heard and having to postpone, but nevertheless I think for having to plan a tournament out of nothing in 3 days I think I did a decent job, esp considering all the outside things that were happening at the time.

Now to the results:

KOF 2002:
1st place: Zeus-CD. Juarez, MEX (Ismael): Angel- Whip- Athena
2nd place: Luis Cha-D.F.: Angel-Kim-May Lee
3rd place: Lalo-CD. Juarez, MEX: Kula, Athena, Vanessa
4th: Alexis-CD. Juarez, MEX: Clark, Yamazaki, Billy
5th: Bart-D.F., MEX: Iori, Yuri, Billy
5th: Ruletas- D.F., MEX: Yamazaki, Yuri, Billy

Yes I invited Bart, Ruletas, and Luis Cha, covered their expenses they showed up, showed their level of play and in the money matches on Saturday the South won vs. the North, but then Sunday the tournament happened and the North won with Ismael defeating Luis Cha 5-4!

Lalo defeated Ruletas 5-4, Ismael also defeated Bart 5-4!

Make no mistake though, Luis Cha, Bart, and Ruletas are VERY VERY STRONG, they are even more impressive in person!

Now to the money matches and exhibitions (as I said extenuating circumstances caused us to do these instead of tournaments):


Dark Geese (USA/CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Severo (CD. Juarez, MEX) ft11:
Dark Geese wins 11-2.

Dark Geese vs. Kane9999 ft10 part I:
Kane9999 wins 10-2.

Dark Geese vs. Fory ft10 Raging Storm El Paso REMATCH:
Dark Geese wins 10-7.

Dark Geese vs. SHIN KIRA :wow: Ft5:
Kira wins 5-2.

Dark Geese vs. Kane9999 Part II FT10:
Kane9999 wins 10-0.

Kane9999 vs. SHIN KIRA ft10:
Kane9999 wins 10-0.


Dojo Destroyer vs. Kane9999 ft3:
Kane9999 wins 3-0.

Dojo Destroyer vs. Zeus:
Zeus wins 3-1.

Dojo Destroyer vs. Fory:
Fory wins 3-1.

2002 UM T:

Dojo Destroyer vs. Zeus FT3: Zeus wins 3-0.
Dojo Destroyer vs. Zeus FT5: Zeus wins 5-0.

Chihuahua State Championship:

Ivan(Chihuahua, MEX) vs. Zeus (CD. Juarez, MEX):

Ivan wins 10-4.

Sunday Rematch:

Zeus wins 5-4.

Notes: I gotta tell you guys on this, Ivan is GODLIKE in 2002 UM now, I mean seriously I think he is the best in Mexico, casual vids don’t do him justice as you will see when he plays vs. Ismael, I seriously think he’d even beat Mr. KOF and he’s hunting you down John in 2002 UM (Though I heard you dropped it for 13).

There are also A LOT of 2002 Money Matches I am sorting through all the vids now there are quite a few of them.

Also about Game of Death footage Luis Cha is going to mail me the DVD with all the rest and I am uploading JuareZ WarField 2010 footage until I get the rest the I will upload that as well.

Dojo Destroyer now sees the level of skill in Mexico and he wondered how Mr. KOF did it in 2009 beating some of them, and I told him that Mr. KOF got to play only the people that could cross to El Paso, I’d love to see him in Mexico playing vs. all even Juarez has to offer!!!

Dojo sees it now, the average level of player in Mexico is about 30x better than the average level of player in the USA, so skill level in general is without question in favor of Mexico, mid-low level players in Mexico come over to the USA and are Gods here for the most part, and I am sure Dojo does not question that at ALL now after seeing the skill he saw in Mexico.

He will hopefully be back in December when we do this again and hopefully under much better circumstances!

Vids will come soon enough on here do not worry.


Good stuff as always. I’ve been outta the loop with games lately and it sucks to see that All Versus was cancelled due to increasing violence in Juarez. Hopefully you will find a good venue for it comes December and Hummer still shows up. I bet he must’ve been disappointed of the cancellation of the show.

good to see a American player show up and take part in the Juarez scene. Sure he enjoyed himself although it seemed like he had a hell of a hard time there. Can’t wait to see some of his thoughts on the entire event.

We are shooting with Hummer for the weekend of December 3rd…just gotta decide where we want it to happen to make sure it happens without question.

Plenty of vids as we speak are being uploaded, I will post them all here when I finish, there are about 250-300 vids EASILY total of this event alone. If you are on my youtube channel you can see this with ease.

Some footage to hold you all over while I am continuously uploading mountains of footage to my youtube channel:

Casuals with Dojo Destroyer from Minnesota and his spin on things:

Dojo’s thoughts after Day 1:

More Documentary footage:

That’s enough to hold you over for now…


More videos for now:

Pre tournament casuals:

Chihuahua State Championship Hype:

Chihuahua 2k2UMT State Championship: Ivan (Chihuas, MEX) vs. Zeus (CD. Juarez, MEX)

BTW if you don’t see me on here as much please go back and review the 3rd video I posted in the first post again and it will remind you why.
I’ll post more vids sometime later see you all around… If you need to get a hold of me, most of you know how…youtube is the best way.


Nice vids man, thanks :tup:
You ever come to San Diego hit mee uup

I will man I will, more than likely I’ll be in LA sometime next year though.

More vids:


HalfTime Show with Bata and beer:


Next tournament? Next tournament right now seems to be MangaCon 2010 in Mexico, which will be a KOFXI and 2002 UM National either will be in Juarez, Mexico or Chihuahua, Mexico.

I am a man of my word so yes in the future (we are shooting for February) we will be getting Hummer, but the question is Mexico City or another place, we will determine that soon.