Judge Dredd: Mega-City One (TV Show)


Is this real life? A Dredd TV series?


“Judge, jury, and executioner.”

Is it supposed to be a reality TV show?


Karl Urban coming back as Dredd?


One can dream.


Karl Urban did retweet the announcement and with a 2019 air date he has plenty of time to clear out his schedule. Did anyone watch his show Almost Human?


Good news! I used to read the 2000 AD comics back in the day. I wonder how long before they get to the angel gang, the dark judges, ABC warriors, apocalypse war etc.




I enjoyed it. Wish it went on longer.
Can’t hate anything Urban does.


I did. Good show. I knew it was doomed though. High budget Sci-Fi shows on Fox never last.


L.A. Cop - The Series!


ooooohhhhh… this one got me hyped up!

karl urban’s dredd movie was superior to the OG judge dredd flick imo and if mega city one is sticking with a similar aesthetic then i’m totally down for this show.

with an expansive mythos and incredible stories they can adapt to TV, this might be the one to beat…


The logo looks like a mobile game.


On the one hand it does have the Dredd creative team attached, on the other hand is the people who made meh scifi channel shows. I am conflicted about this announcement so far.

It would be cool if Karl Urban comes back, but I have a feeling it will be a squad of original character Judges doing shit and becoming cylons at some point.


Needs to be on hbo


OH SHIT. No word on the writers? Alex Garland did a great job with the latest film, it would be great if he could be involved with the show somehow…



They do make games so…


Got the email announcing this, could potentially be hype. We’ll see.


Late update
Karl Urban officially in talks to reprise the role as Judge Dredd http://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/878709-concept-art-for-judge-dredd-tv-series-karl-urban-in-talks-to-reprise

Concept Art via IGN - http://uk.ign.com/articles/2017/08/11/judge-dredd-tv-show-exclusive-first-concept-art-images


If they get Karl Urban back then I am there day 1.


Darn it, this should be on Netflix!