Judge Joe Brown (TV Judge) Arrested for Contempt of Court


Should’ve let Judge Judy oversee the ruling. I would pay money for jury duty!


Heard his tirade on the radio this morning. I wonder who he was defending?

The weird part is, I’ve never, ever heard him raise his voice on his show. He always seemed quite level-headed.


Agree with OP. Would pay slight money to see Judge Judy tell and enraged Judge Brown to zip it. Would be classic


If you pissed off Jude Joe Brown you have to question what the fuck is wrong with you.


Mills Lane and Judge Judy on Celebrity Deathmatch to see which one is the presiding judge in his case.


Tv judges are retired judges that work as litigators to settle civil court cases on national television.

Peoples Court and Judge Judy are the ONLY two worth watching. Judge Joe Brown is a racist, homophobic, old-school bigot. He blows.


Judge Judy is pretty bad, too. Honestly basically every teevee judge ended up as one because they couldn’t hang it as a judge or entertainer for people who aren’t children, adults so feverish they couldn’t go into work that day, or chronic alcoholics.


Judge Joe Brown was ok. Judge Mathis on the other hand = THE TRUTH. I love watching him absolutely destroy someone on national TV. I think his nameplate should have in large gold letters underneath his name, “I WISH A MOTHER FUCKER WOULD.” That pretty much sums up how he handles business in his court room.


Judy is a bit dramatic however…have you ever been to court?

There are LOTS of judges just like her.

Judy doesnt take bullshit too well, shes also annoyed very easily by stupidity. Judy is definitely one of the best judges ever she really knows the law and I love where she really gives it to people.


She’s not “dramatic,” she’s abrasive, unprofessional, discourteous, and often does not even make the faintest pretense of listening to the parties appearing before her impartially. She’s threatened to make her rulings based not upon the relevant facts, but upon being interrupted by one of the parties. I think you overrate the difficulty of “knowing the law” in a televised, controlled environment.


Judge Joe Brown the realest




He looks good for 66 honestly.


Black don’t crack confirmed LOL!


Just goes to show that everyone one of us is human… outside of the robe, he’s a pretty awesome dude apparently, no different that you, me or anybody else. I just wish the court system would actually recognize and reflect that. :tup:


Dude I have never seen Judge Judy rule in favor of the person who wasnt deserving of winning their case.


My favorite judge was Mathis, he seemed like the only one who knew the actual law.


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