I don’t have the instruction booklet for SF3 so who are those judges that decide the match? I know one is effie and I think the two chinese girls are Yun and Yangs g/f and the blonde in the jockey outfit is Eliza, who are the others?

Also, I was testing out how you get to win Judgement, it seems it goes by how you play and how aggressive you are etc. Basically it compares the grades of the two players so if you have a higher grade than the other player then you win the judgement.

But if both characters have EXACTLY the same grade, and that doesn’t happen often unless you just both sit there and do nothing the whole match, then player1 will win.

It turns out that any move that is executed that doesnt hit the opponent lowers your grade, normals, specials, supers, even taunts lower your grade! Naturally, moves that hit increase your grade, but combos and parries increase your grade much more! Also amount of life left affects grade.

Have both players stand around doing nothing, the player who taunts will lose on a judgement, unless the taunt has a hitbox and hits the opponent.

Red parrying really seems to jack up your grade.

Combo hits play a huge role in this too. This is why Chun usually wins judgement, she gets a 20 hit combo off of low forward. The only other two characters who are likely to get more than that in a real match (without dizzy) are SA3 Oro and SA3 Yang.

Well, there’s also Genei-Jin if you want to do one of those tosaka combos. =P


Yeah high combos and supercancel combos really jack up the grade, it seems to be balanced for each character based on combo ability, so Dudley requires bigger combos for a higher grade, while Ryu can stick with basic 3 and 4 hitters.

the judges are, according to http://db.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/street_fighter_plot.txt

Lilly - India(looks like Dhalsim’s wife Sally)
Tonli - China
Tonfa - China(the one wearing the white China dress)
Julia - England(the blonde)
Anna: Russia (wears a fur coat and hat)
Fair Libra: Birthplace is unknown. She wears roller blades.
Rifa: China (Wears a blue Chinese dress)

but as we all know nothing from gamefaq is credible :rolleyes:

You forgot about Necro’s girlfriend (forget her name), she pops up as a judge on his stage. Recall hearing that she always votes for him, but dunno how true that is.