Judges in SFIII


In SFIII at the end of a draw match four judges appear, who announce the winner to the players.

Who are they?

What is their story?

PLEASE post some pictures of them!

Oh geez can’t we just every now and then have random unknown “Don’t need to care about” characters in SF? The judges go under that catagory. Their tourney judges, sheesh. There’s nothing deep there nor interesting.

Isnt one of them Cammy?

Wrong forum bitch

I think I’ve heard about them, doesn’t one of them look like Dhalsim’s wife Sally? And one of the black ones always favour a black character.

Well, one of them’s Effie (Necro’s girlfriend)… we already know about her. The others do have names, but I can’t remember them at the moment. The Indian woman isn’t Dhalsim’s wife Sally, although she does resemble her somewhat. And I’m certain Cammy isn’t among them.

someones uptight today.

they arent unknown random people. they have some connection but i cant recall what it is at the moment.


Well, here are some sprites and names, at least: http://akablo.noob.jp/judge.html
For those who can’t read katakana, their names are, from left to right, top to bottom,: Ton Li, Ton Fa, Li Fa, Anna, Fair Libra, Lily, Julia, and Effie.

First of all thanks for the quick info.

But I think the two links you have provided are sprites from the first two installments of SFIII.

I think to remember for of the judges floating on something in the air like a Gyoji http://sumo.goo.ne.jp/eng/ozumo_joho_kyoku/shiru/kiso_chishiki/beginners_guide/gyoji.html
and not standing at the ground…


PS: what happened to my thread? why have you (moderator) have put it into the videogame section? I had my strategy placing it in the comic section…

No, both of the first links are from 3S.

I always thought one was Cammy, one was Dhalsim’s woman from Alpha games, the two chinese broads were from Strider, and Effie. The black chick on rollerblades, no idea.

Those are just who they -look- like, at least.

i think the girl in roller blades came in with Sean from Slam Dunk.


I think it could be an older Decabre healed and without the mask.

And those chinese sisters - some ex Shadaloo-Dolls (Satsuki, Xiayu, Jianyu).

As well as the black one (Santamu).

Julia could be Juli (wth coloured hair) or an other ex-Shadaloo-Doll.

Are you shure?

Yeah. If you look closely, the backgrounds and the portraits on the signs are from 3S only.