Judging divekick timing

I’m kinda new to cammy and have been watching some of sako’s vids lately and for the most part I can do all of her combos consistently. The only problems I’m having are

  1. How to make her divekicks safe when attacking someone on wakeup and
  2. How to make her divekicks ambiguously crossup on wakeup.

I do fine against players with slow reversals but against kens, ryus and akumas etc I almost always end up trading with dp.

Also the only way I can seem to get the cross up is to

  1. Do the divekick at the top of my jump, which make it obvious or
  2. Do A full jump and do the dive kick almost as I hit the ground. Which I get beaten half the time on.

If anybody can offer and tip/visual cues about the timing for this please do. I’ve been watching vids but haven’t been able to come up with anything yet.

I’ll post some vids later on so maybe you guys can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

ive got the same problem against ken and akuma

Have you seen the Djb Cammy guide videos on youtube?

Don’t quote me on this, but i’m pretty sure her dive kicks don’t cross-up… at all. j.lk is her only reliable cross-up


Cannon Strike does crossup… :karate:

They do cross up. You can do it with more reliability near a corner. But in other cases… 90% of the time it won’t cross up… haha.

I swear on one of the Battlefield Arcadia streams i heard Seb say they don’t cross-up. Meh, guess i’m wrong then lol

He has said that. Announcers are wrong sometimes = P

Yeah they can definitely cross up, I think most of the time it’s a “fake cross up” though but either way it’s a good way to confuse ppl. I have been able to figure something out so far though. On an unteched knockdown if you empty jump over your opponent then do a high tkcs from the other side you get the crossup sometimes.

I’m not 100% on this, but in the corner on wakeup, usually if you go w lk strike, it doesn’t crossup, but mk does, even though they basically both look/sound the same.
As for regular wakeups, I think the goal is not to ambiguously crossup, but rather to mix between meaty, safe, and early w meaty ground followup.

This belongs in simple Q&A.

Have you got a link to this? Can’t seem to find it on youtube : <.

YouTube - Dj-B13’s Street Fighter IV Cammy