Jugg assist!

Hey I just started learning MvC2 the other week and I’ve been playing alot of Venom/Juggy/Sabretooth. I think Sabes is a great partner for Juggy, as Sabes’ alpha assist launches back towards Juggernaut gives him some great damage combos:

-jp+sabes alpha assist, fp, Sabes assist launches, c.short,c.fierce, SJ, sj.short,sj.forward,sj.roundhouse.
[79 damage , 110 glitched no super bar :D]

or you can do it with out the jp, fp.  Just hit Sabes assist then dash in for the c.short for about 63 normal 80 glitched.


-jp+Sabes assist, FP, Sabes assist hits, c.short, Headcrush.
[102 normal, 143+ glitched (it killed Cable and then some:eek:)]

as with the first one, you can omit the jp,fp and just catch the c.short off the assist.

Also, Sabes projectile assist gives Juggy some coverage after a Juggernaut punch or earthquake.

heres a nice DAMAGING combo setup for sentinel with jug’s variety assist in the CORNER, but i dont know how to finish it…
with sentinel…
HSF, dash HK (launch), ^, LK, MK, XX fly mode, grab quickly, wait for a split second, LK,(Jug’s assist), FP into jug’s assist*
*now when the opponent IS HIT with jugs he/she is vunerable for an another attack in the air and/or off the ground…i juss dont know the best way to finish it.:bluu:
(oh, sry if i used bad terminology for the moves…)

Wow, that’s a nice set-up. I use Juggy’s dash assist with Sentinel. Whenever I catch someone with a rocket punch and then I go right into a Hyper Sentinel Force. As soon as that last wave hits them, I press the the assist and fierce punch at the same time. I haven’t perfected it yet, but 75% of the time right after the laser hits, it’s immediately followed up by Juggy smashing them with the Juggernaut punch, and then it’s back into another Hyper Sentinel Force. To my knowledge, you can only call out Juggy once during your string of HSF specials, and I do it right after the first one ends.

sentinal on point with jugg’s variety assist. launch, lk, fast fly,lk+jugg assist, fp, lp rocket punch. in the corner instead of doing rocket punch, cancel fly, otg cr lp, cr fp, rocket punch into hsf.:slight_smile:

Hey I pioneered that a while back…

It will always hit when you do the Beam xx assist at the same time, the only exception is Sentinel. When you do it on Sent., you have to delay the assist slightly.

As for going right into another HSF…try using the downwards rocket punch for an OTG. It is rollable, but not many people even think to roll when they see that much life leave them.

Finaly, your knowledge serves you right. You can only call Juggy once because it’s all one combo, and as any player knows…you can only call an assist once for any combo.


Time to revive these forums…

YET ANOTHER SENT FASTFLY (but with the dash assist…)

corner: do whatever you do and set up a launcher (HSF >> LAUNCHER…OR WHATEVER) so s.hk, sj.lk , sj.lk, fastfly xx assist, ff.lk, ff.hp…

now from here you have 3 options that are the most consistent

  1. stay in fly mode and after juggy beasts your opponent…ff.lk, ff.lk, rocket punch

  2. unfly as soon as you hit hp…do it fast enough and you can dash up and relaunch for another air combo…(i usually s.hk, delayed j.lk, land, jump again and airthrow (resets), j.lk, j.lk, rocket punch

  3. if you delay the unfly ever so slightly, you can land, dash forwards and s.hk…the s.hk WILL NOT LAUNCH when you delay so just s.hk, lp rocket punch , HSF

side notes:
ff denotes fly mode for the combo
the unfly noted above is not the glitched unfly, but just standard unfly after you fly (no need to get hit by an opponent or anything)
if you whiff juggy assist, you can unblockabe your opponent .Your opponent will bounce after hitting the ground from the ff.hp…so unfly and low beam to nblockable

this is all


my favorite jugg’s team is:

magnus/ cable/ juggs **
magnus 100+% reset in corner w/ jugg’s punch assist… (w/out glitch…)

tri-kick, c.lk., c.hk., tri-kick, c.hk., juggs, temp-grab, lp, throw(hk), c.lk., c.hk., juggs, temp-grab, temp-grab, hk., temp-grab, mag-tempest…
after the reset, you could just… c.lk., c.hk., juggs, temp-grab, temp-grab, launch, do an airial raid to finish off…

**magnus cross up attack w/ juggs ground pound assist… **

tri-kick, c.lk., c.hk., tri-kick, juggs, wave dash through opponent to other corner and whether opponent blocks or gets hit by jugg’s assist, the oppent is brought right to magnus… it’s kinda funny and real glitchy looking…

cable unblockable bullet set-up w/ juggs punch assist (corner)

c.lk., c.lk., juggs, hk., grenade, dash back, 4x shoot, skimitar, ahvb…

cable infinite on sentinel w/ juggs ground pound assist (corner)

c.lk., c.lk., juggs, hk., grenade, jump in deep hk, dash foward, hp, delay grenade, jump in deep hk, dash forward, delay grenade… <you get the idea>

Earthquake is only good for continuing ground combos, so we will ignore it. :^)
I would say the Splash assist is the best one:

  • It beats Doom’s assist clean, goes over HSF, and DOES have Super Armor at the beginning when he comes in, so you can still use it to get out of tight spots. Also it hits on the way up.
  • JugPunch starts at the back of the screen and doesn’t go the full screen, so you can’t attack runaway characters as effectively. Splash starts where you are so it can reach anywhere.
  • You can still alpha counter xx Headcrush.
  • It keeps Sent out of the air (call Jugs + dash back will hit even runaway flying Sent), and if he kicks Jugs you can punish him easily.
  • Easy ground combos into it (almost anyone can do combo->launcher+Jugs-Y, continue combo) and you can do unrollable OTGs if it hits.
  • It does have the overhead property to it, so everyone pretty much blocks low if you call it right up until it hits, which lets you do high before or after him with a very good chance of hitting. Otherwise you indeed can go low. (^.^)
  • Plus it does only about 3 points less when powered up.

Mike Z

thx i didn’t know all of this… =)