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I love working with my current team of Juggernaut B/Blackheart B/Cyclops AAA. I’ve come up with all kinds of nasty stuff between them, and I want some others to test one out for me…

In the corner when Jugg is on point, I use launch/magic series/Hp/Rh/ land, cr.lk/launch. This deals great damage, but freezes Jugg afterward. Sometimes, though the timing is an absolute bitch, I can call out Cyke AAA after landing, sj cancel and begin the air combo again. If anyone has the time to spout some mechanics or do a little research, could you tell me whether there is a consistent way of chaining this? It may be size-specific, and then again it may not work against human players at all. Thanks in advance.

Further Juggerfun!
There is a local kid who plays Storm/Sent/Cable exclusively, but he’s got a long way to go, and the lack of real competition has been bothering me. Anyway, I trounced him with very little effort recently- While he was idly spamming assists and trying to flystomp me out, I clipped Sent and assisting Storm with an air SOB and DHC’d a full screen, 14-hit head crush, annihilating Sentinel and bringing Storm out with about 30% health. In the next game, he made pretty much the same error with Cable. Ouch.


so after the corner combo, you land, c.lk, c.fp. Then you call cykes and sj. cancel into another AC?

Does the cykes assist combo in? I dont see how it could, but ive seen some weird stuff in this game.

If its done after the FS ends, then its simple. Off the top of my head, the best way to determine the timing is in training mode, do the combo > c.lk, c.fp, then do the head crush. If you can do the headcrush, that means you can call in assist, SJ, or whatever. When you have the ‘ability to HC’ timing down, use it to time in your cykes assist…

Random corner shat with juggs:

Vs. Cable: Fp throw, Headcrush as soon as juggs lets go. You will 'Jugg’le [heh heh] cable by his legs and this will send him flying a bit higher. Then headcrush in the opposite direction and you’ll catch him as he is landing for an unrollable double headcrush combo. This also works on other cable sized characters and smaller.

Vs. anybody in corner: FP throw, Fp Juggs punch XX head crush…

-If your opponent doesnt roll, you get a free OTG > Headcrush for damage.
-If your opponent does roll, Juggs will headcrush in the direction the opponent rolls. The opponent will get up before jugs and jugs will hit them from behind for a single solid hit.


After launch in corner, sj.+magic series, fp, fk, land, normal jump, lk, lp, land throw into corner,…nasty combo of choice…followed by death.

You can jump back up after the FK and hit them with the lp, lk while they are still falling. If the jumping lp, lk is timed right you will both land at the same time, and can attempt to throw into the corner. Of course the throw can be countered, but from my experience it happens so quick and unexpectedly everyone will fall for it once, sometimes twice. A nice reset combo none the less.


If you aircombo stuff->Fierce->RH OTG c.Short->Fierce and you can superjump, then your first sj.Fierce didn’t combo. If it’s all one consistent combo, there’s no way to un-set FS with Jugs.
A sj.Fierce->RH by themselves will knock the opponent down and not set FS, and if this happens to you, then your first aircombo wasn’t a combo.

Also vs. any non-heavy character, off a corner Fierce throw, you should be doing jump towards Short->RH land Headcrush if Jugs is alone. This does nearly 100% even with a 4-hit Headcrush on every light character, and outright kills people taking damage like Storm or Mags with even a 5-hit. Otherwise try to work your combo into assist + Jab JugPunch, then OTG (unrollable since JP sets FS) with c.Short->Headcrush. Both should do 100% if you’re powered-up, or you can choose to OTG with c.Short->snapout instead (although killing the char is a better idea).

Mike Z


listen to this guy, he has the nastiest big people especially jugg stuff on the planet earth!!!

it makes no sense…the only way to stop this guy is CABLE!!!

if jugg could superjump across 1 whole screen length, jugg might be top tier in the hands of this guy…to bad he only go 1/2way :"(

this is my twisted way of paying homage =_=