Juggernaut is da man!

YES! wreak havok on them lil ole suckerz! (lol) does anyone agree?

just as worthy
Juggz infinite

Explain it.
Jugg does rule, but really good people destroy him.
How do I impose with Juggie on fast people?

With Juggs it’s easy to pwn pixies like msp. I don’t play any team w/o Tbonne so I’ll usually call her assist out right as the match starts(projectile, duh!), for some reason this seems to work REALLY well against Mags players. From Tbonne’s assist you can proceed to mess them up really bad, c.lk, c.lk, qcd+fp(is it called ground smash?)XXheadcrush. Mucho damage. Also, you can do something like c.lk, c.lk, tbonne assist, hcf+fpXXheadcrush. This does UBER damage but you have to time the hcf+fp and the headcrush kinda well, the headcrush will only cancel out if they bounce upwards (like after they’ve been tripped). Yeah, with no assists I’ll pretty much just go after a Mags by doing a j.hp, c.lk, c.lk, ground smash XX headcrush(if the ground smash hits). Also, if a Mags likes to come at you with his j.hp bullshit just do a s.hp. It’ll knock him upwards, you’ll trade damage but you hit him harder than he hit you. I did this like 3 times in a row to someone lol.

not to take away from you or anything, but all those combos you listed are not combos at all. Any good competition you play against will just tech roll after the second c.lk…it works on scrubs, but not against top players.

The better way do deal damage with juggs, is a simple but effective “trap”

Step 1 - somehow manage to throw your opponent

Step 2 - gauge their reaction…
a. Roll - if they roll, walk backwards and as soon as they get up, throw them again (trust me it works)

      b. Don't Roll - if your opponent decides to not roll for some retarded reason, juggernaut punch him OTG and cancel into a headcrush.

Your best damage opportunity with juggs is gonna be in the corner. Corner throws are especially deadly with most of his combos dealing anywhere from 50 - 100% damage (if you want to know just ask)


Ya, a good opponent will be able to roll but in my area even the good ppl don’t roll 100% so…

Juggernaut punch them OTG? When a person is rolling they can’t be hit until they get up right?

The Juggs punch won’t hit them when they’re rolling, it’s just like any other otg. Honestly, Jugg’s best combos are started from a c.lk, c.lk. What I’ll usually do with him is go j.hp, s.lk, s.hpXXheadcrush. If the j.hp doesn’t hit then I’ll just try to hit them low with c.lk, c.lkXXground smash move thingy. It’s fairly safe if they block it cuz the ground smash pushes them away (watch out for Cable, think he can pushblock to ahvb x3). And yeah, his corner throws are great but for some reason I can’t throw as often as I’d like to and getting them in the corner is always easy. Some of the ones I do are…
hp throwXXheadcrush (not very glamorous but gets the job done, hell if you time it right you can do another headcrush, too ^_^)
hp throw, call tbonne assist, j.lk, j.hk, land, headcrush. This does great damage but you rely on the tbonne assist to hit with headcrush.
I’m pretty sure you can do hp throw into c.lk before they land then xx into headcrush but I don’t often do it cuz there’s no chance for a 2nd headcrush.

General Jugs advice is never to trip them. Ever. Instead of d.Short->d.Fwd, better to do d.Short->s.Fierce, since if they move afterward you Headcrush them, and if you hit them you Headcrush them. It resets the match so that they haven’t got an advantage. Also, if they roll a d.Short->d.Fwd, your only option is to do JPunch or Earthquake into Headcrush, since the Headcrush (if you do it late) will turn around and follow their roll.

Basically - if you tripped them, you cost yourself damage that was guaranteed otherwise. So don’t do it.

With a mid-stage Fierce throw:
If you have no Doom, you have 2 choices - Fierce JPunch into Headcrush, or if they rolled Fierce JPunch and cancel when you would have hit them into a HC that goes the other way and crosses the roll up…or, wait and if they roll (and everyone will) walk a slight bit back, choose which side of their body you want to be on and do a d.Short. If it hits, combo, if they block, wait and re-throw. That’s your best bet.
If you DO have Doom, after the throw just call Doom and do a Fierce JPunch. If they don’t roll you can combo to HC, and if they do roll they get up into Doom, and you can try for a d.Short from far away into s.Fierce xx HC.
Of course, none of this applies to Sent/Jugs/BH since they don’t get hit by the JPunch - on them, better to call Doom and wait.

If you land a corner throw and they don’t die from the combo, you screwed up. (^.^)

Also, even if you decide to do d.Short->s.Fierce xx Jab JPunch, the JPunch recovers fast enough that for most people who realize it and try to attack you, you can Headcrush them as they attack. Just don’t try to abuse it.

Mike Z

Hey Mike, you gonna be at ECC? I’ve had the urge to play you after watching all your Team Z videos.

Anything outside of CA is a no, for the most part.

Mike Z

Thats the point i was attempting to get across, but I was ousted by “greater strategy”

If you land a corner throw and they don’t die from the combo, you screwed up. (^.^)

Another truth. Mind posting a few of your wall combos? All of mine are centered around Jugg/Hulk, Jugg/Doom, and Jugg/Collossus

Gonna be at evo again this year? I’ve been tryin to make it for the last 2 years, and this year looks like the best chance i have. I’ll be coming with Isaac and Pete (MD)


Listen to Mike Z, he knows his Juggs. Check out his videos on Team Z at this site:


Some real useful stuff there.

I can’t decide which i’m more afraid of, Z’s Juggernaut, or his Tron. Maybe his Tron wouldn’t be so bad if he couldn’t mash her drill to around 25 hits consistantly grumbles.

If you search back through the history I have many jugg combos that I’ve posted. Many of them are unescapable, but few have throws in them which can be tech thrown.

does anybody know how to land a second headcrush while opponent is still in the air? i can sometimes land it in the corner after a grab, but what about midscreen?

This isn’t too good but:

P Throw out side of corner + sent drones

head crush a bit before they hit the ground

it should juggle them off the ground and it can be done so it’s unrollable (the reason youc an’t always do a head crush until it hits is because projectiles move during the super flash so you may want to see about what time to do the head crush so the drones will get there on time)

he also is at full screen so you have alot of time to mash it and get alot of hits

Sent Drones + Head crush is pretty safe

Sent V + juggs THC is pretty safe

Drones + Jump foward + splash is kinda safe too but only if they block it

in corner

I think it’s a better idea some times (if you have good timing)

to do launch (tends to miss alot if you do it sloppy)

lp, mp, mk, hp, hk

land c. lk, standing hp

on the way down throw

if still alive

assist + splash

just remember about juggs head intial invincibility of his head crush

puninsh mistakes (launchers are most common)

blast through shit with head crush if you can

ohh I’m your fan Mike Z, your Team Z is just amazing, how could you find out that Jugg/Tron/Doom complete each other?

I started playing mvc2 with Tron/Doom/someone, then I saw your team, but I couldn’t use Jugg, but it changed when I saw some of your matches and you Jugg Video. It really helped me a lot.

But I still can’t figure out how to beat Cable based teams (specially Cable/Sent/Capcom or Cyke). How to hit a runaway, chicken, coward Cable?

Yeah man Mike Z u da man, cheers bro ! I play Juggernaut since this game came out but not as crazy as u .Have you ever have a good game like this - I was bored of playing god tier and started to play TEAM Z !.Team Z ? yeah man , since i like juggernaut so much since gems of war . I was playing in my favourite arcade with top player (one of my friend) using MSP against my Team z . Well guess what he let me glitch Juggernaut . Anywhere there is nothing to do with with that , 1st i play so carefully cuz Magness triangle jump rush down too fast . Just once mix combo with assist Psylock helper you die .Some how I forgot it started end up i killed his magneto and left Juggernaut alone with 5%-10% life against his Storm half life and Psylock full life . Man my Juggernaut still have 2 power bar . I manage to pull A1+A2 super when they both (Storm and Psylock) trying something and ate my super . Finally end up Psylock alone vs Juggy . I was so nervous that i thought i will die soon and play very very defensively jump pulling my lp hp and then stop let him do something… he was in the air jumping around and do one lp on the way down i press again my head crush go through from far away KO . That was funny and lucky and won the matched .Is been a while i didn’t touch game and play other new 2d’s games such as CVS2 ( is new for me) , Capcom Jam and others …but because loving it.

can this guy do a double power up because the other day i was playing in the arcade and the computer did power up and another right away after that did not took a second to do the other, is it possible to do it?