Juggernaut Marvel Vs Capcom 2 WTF moment

I was wondering if anyone here has seen the video where a player with juggarnaut comes in with a counter on a triple hyper combo from the opponent only to headcrush all three players at once to death? I saw it a while back and I completely forgot what it was called X_________x
Reformatting a computer stinks when you save amazing stuff on it.

two - thirds of the way down -
Random combos from japan

I think its the asura one or the one below.

I love this thank you soo much :smiley:

take in part they used tron assist :sweat:

Still pretty amazing though :open_mouth:

dang, is that possible? they were all at full health

Juggernaut glitch with tron assist into super, yeah, your dead.

^-- lol

As an evil trick, if you play CapCom/Tron (I do, but I don’t know who else does), you can call Tron just before you Captain Sword and they will get swept down into it and take that extra damage.

That sounds like an interesting trick. Do you have any videos of it being done?

You can do it yourself pretty easily by setting the computer to superjump in the training room and then trying it. It works surprisingly high. :smile: