Juggernaut players?



Let’s see some Juggernaut representation for XBL/PSN! Nobody probably visits these forums, but if you do, give your name.


It’s Marvel, baby!


My favorite team to play is


It sounds ridiculous, it is ridiculous, but it hits fucking hard. Gamertag is bluesman461, look me up if you want some matches.


Battle worn / tourney tested Juggernaut here.

I’ll be posting links to my matches from PSN once it comes out an I get my camera working.

teams I use are

Juggy/Sent/ xx

xx = Doom, Hulk, Collossus, Commando, Blackheart, and Cable

Also use Hulk/Juggy/Collossus, Team Z (Jugg / Doom / Tronne) but I’m not as effective with it.

I like to mess around with any combination of Juggy, Hulk, Sent, Collossus, and Zangief. If you have any questions feel free to ask…


I’ve come to the conclusion that juggy will only help you defeat players you would have already beaten faster. Hes pretty just speeds up the match. In end game, I don’t think he cuts it. I’ve been playing Rogue, Sent, Juggy for years now and I’m looking to replace him.

Sorry juggs, you just can’t handle the top tiers.

BTW: I’m assuming all serious juggy players use the power up glitch?


within reason

It’s hard to pull it off against really good players that are looking for it, but you can use that to your advantage as well when they run away and back themselves into the corner thinking you’ll tag out.


i dont play this competitively. So one of my teams i have on rotatin is Cammy a-a, Doom a-a, Juggs with i think dash

I usually Doom to cover juggs while i power up then tag out for the glitch. My god can this dude deal incredible damage. He kinda anchors my teams in a way


I play Juggs.

Tag. Carfullofblacks.


I’ve always found Juggernaut too limited and huge target, but I can never stop playing as him for some reason. His assist is really good, when he’s my last player I usually just rushdown and hope for the best lol.


Juggs has tools to help him hangle almost anyone cept godlike keep away… aka doom, storm, blackheart… he REALLY struggles to catch them…

Luckily with power up glitch dhcing to him is so devastating it doesn’t matter… against most other characters he can use his reach/priority and trade even most of the time… at least…

Total noobs who want to know whats up with juggs… should hit up youtube and check out the endless supply of mikeZ vids… i think he even has a “how to juggs” tutorial vid posted…




Alot of that can be blocked, but this is the video I learned off of.


Actually, youre wrong about that. Every MVC2 player is afraid of Juggs. And for good reasons…
He may be slow, but if you think about it, most opponents are like flies swatting at him, until he gets mad and knocks them into the next dimension. Examples: Mags vs Juggs- Mags is gonna be aggressive, because he knows Juggs takes a lot of damage (Magnetic Tempest). It takes a lot from em’, but Mags is like some angry little girl, swinging all crazy. Just work on his crouching defense, and you’ll destroy Mags, AND PSYLOCKE most of the time. Most people glitch em’ up, then tag out. This is kinda a waste against good players, since the assist is easy to see coming. What you should do, is stick with Juggs until he dies, given the fact that if he dies, hes taking someone with him. Thats a even trade-off, since hes most likely not your main character.
Versus chars like Sent/Storm/Blackheart, well…its a little difficult for him to match their mobility. But, it really only takes one smash to make em’ tag out. Once theyve done that (and their next chars isnt a mimic of the previous) you’ll have a walk in the park, so to speak. Hes deadly, powerful, and intimidating. Keep him fresh, and work him into your MVC2 rotation of teams.


mike z’s team: juggs, tron, doom - arguably his worst char is doom, if only he learned to play sentinel…

still, watching your char die in 3 hits from jugg/tron combo is probably worth it ^^