Juggernaut team members?

I wanted to know who would be good to team with Juggernaut

I want to use Cable since he is the best im at

i use this one for fun.

juggernaut** cable** ironman**.

do a glitched cytorak powerup, switch to cable (fill your gauge for like 3-5 bars)

c.lk -> c.mk -> s.hk -> A1+A2.

one hit even on sentinel…

Juggernaut team

i found a great new new team with juggernaut. have him with glitched cytorak powerup and dash assist. have cammy with anti-air and omega red with throw type(alpha).With omega red, u can do a jHP lp hp +A1+A2 and do 100% damage on cable. try this to. jump in HP, launcher+ omega red hit him with a qcf hk(variety assist attact) omega red should catch him, then jump up and do whatever does over 100 damage if glitched. Cammy can do the same thing except she can follow up with a supper. then get them otg and do another super or she can do what i like to call the “Juggernaut Suprise” , launch with camy or omg red assist and do 2 hits followed by the qcf lk version of the speacial that usually preceds the super, it will miss then as soon as u can do the juggernaut infinite. does 100% on cable, and 100% on sent if u can follow up with a second jugg supper or another strong super. another go combo is jump in hk with omega red followed by a qcf lp and then otg df hp+jugg dash assist, then pause and then another qcf lp. does more than 90 damage. throw them up and then try to move back and foward underneath them and try the same combo to get 100%. a great bread and butter. post comments and ideas.