Juggernaut vids


vid 9 = :lol:

sweet ass videos
juggs is a fuckin BEAST

On one of those combo vids, Mike Z did earthquake punch, headcrush, then on the other side did another headcrush and the combo meter went up. Was that a semi Inf? And how is it done?

I would like to know too. I tried it for several months, and I was never pull the super on time to catch the guy.

New vids + answer…

1 - New vids on evilslash. 15 matches. :^)
2 - That’s the reason it was in a combo vid. You can only do a double-headcrush on Kobun, and only if you hit him out of the air (trip, EQ xx Headcrush).
That’s a lie - you can do double-headcrush on anyone, there are a few ways to do so. Two of them are in mc2yawn. Only one is practical.

Mike Z

Eh mike Z…were you the one that was in UNIVERSITY MALL in Pensacola FL a while back? I think it was u…i beat you like twice out of like 15. anyways, you got skillz mang…when you commin back?

I’m going to P’cola Saturday for my nephew’s birthday party. If you’d like, I can meet you at that mall on Saturday and we can play a few. I’m in Mobile now, but if you play Juggs, it’d be good to go against another good Juggs player.:smiley:

Check your pms TURBO_SENTINEL!

Could someone post those Juggy vids again?

^-- I’m sharing 'em all on the GoForBroke2 DirectConnect hub ( goforbroke2.no-ip.com ).

Go to www.combovidoes.com in MVC2 tutorial section
team z