Juggernaut Wall Tactics



I’m a novice Jugg player. I have used him in tourneys before, but mostly I like to kick him around in casual play and I was just wondering on what the rest of you like to do with Juggy on the wall. I, for one, think that this is where Jugg is most deadly. Here’s a couple questions for you:

  1. How do you get people to the corners? Do you rush them down or bait them?


  1. What do you like to do when you get them there?

I’ll post a little later on what I like to do, in the mean time I’d like to see what you guys like to do.


What’s up Eric.

I’ve played, used, and won with Juggy in tourneys.

(you’ve seen it)

I almost beat foomy with my team steroids.

Anyway, it’s rather easy to back people into corners, b/c the natural tendency is to run away from juggernaut. The forward jump fierce is a good way to push them (think of it as a low jump). And of course the airthrow and headbutt throw will get them there.

Once they are IN the corner… It starts getting ugly.

You can either use jump fierce or jump short to sorta of “tick” into the throw.

ONce you do that, you have 2 basic options.


  1. Low short (unrollable) Low Fierce
    SJ Jab, Strong, Forward, Fierce, RH

You can’t OTG again b/c you already OTG’d after the throw. I don’t use short cuz it doesn’t do that much damage, and it’s not as consistant.

You can also do assist combos. This is where it gets nasty.

Throw-> Low Short+ Colossus Anti Air xx HC

Throw->Low Short+ Tron xx HC

THrow-> Jump Short+ MAgneto Grab->Jump Fierce then Launch or HC

I think you told me the hulk one… which is simalar to the magneto one

IN the corner, you can also do J. Fierce->S Fierce + Drones->Jab Jugg Punch-> Drones juggle ->Headcrush.



What up Robin. It’s been a while man. Team Steriods is too good.

As for what I do, I try to bait them into the corner. For me, I find it hard to keep up a consistant offense up with Juggernaut. By that, I mean I can land a series or too to drive them back and land damage, but nothing that can’t be reversed after too long. Thats why I try to bait them, unless they are really that willing :slight_smile:

What I do to actually bait them is actually launch a mini-offensive and start to fall back once they counter attack. This works really well with Magnetos, Storms, and any other rushdown character. That’s how I try to get the majority of the characters into the corner. Cable, Blackheart, Doom, and Sentinel tend to be the hardest to get do that. I usually end up patiently rushing them down till they reach a corner.

As for what I like to do in the corner, I love Juggernaut’s FP Throw. It sets up a ton of possibilties with the exceptions of Sentinel, Blackheart, Hulk, and Juggernaut himself, which also double along with Cable as Jugg’s hardest battles. Every other character besides the BIG 4 fall victim to Juggernaut’s Fierce Throw jugglebility.

I won’t go into too much detail as Robin has already explained Juggy’s too main options:

  1. Headcrush
  2. Low Short, whatever you want after that :slight_smile:

My personal favorite though:

Juggernaut’s Jumping Short

It sets up 3 things, primarily with Hulk’s beta assist

  1. Jumping Foward, followed by another standing FP throw
  2. Jumping Fierce, followed by jumping back up and doing Jugg’s aeriel FP Throw
  3. Jumping Fierce, then immediately after that hit Hulk’s assist button. This will juggle them long enough to either
    a) Headcrush
    b) Launch
    After the launcher I tend to do this combo:
    S.J. Jab, Strong, Foward, Fierce, Roundhouse
    I tend to stagger the hits a bit which allows Juggy to land before the opponent which sets up the following juggle afterwards:
    Normal Jumping Short then Foward(sets up another standing FP Throw)
    Normal Jumping Short then Fierce(sets up an aerial FP Throw)

Well, thats it for now. Hope this can help someone out.



You do know that while Juggy can’t go straight into headcrush after the FP throw against big characters (sent, BH etc) he CAN OTG them with low short. Whether or not it’s rollable, I don’t know, but since Sent has less time to input the command (or is more likely just expecting to be headcrushed and not roll) you might get the combo off.

Assists can help juggy push characters around. Sent Drones, certain AAA’s help tremendously. Juggy/Bh is great against runaway and forcing people to block which his big weakness.

With the drones, you can make earthquakes and jugg punches safe (or safer) so that you push them toward the corner.


Allright here’s my 2 cents…

First: you don’t need to be in the corner after the throw to OTG. You can do either throw and right B4 your opponent hits the ground, you can Juggernaut Punch them(OTG) and Headcrush. This is assuming your opponent doesn’t roll.

Best way to back anyone into a corner is to power up(after this people assume your gonna tag out and they just hold back to block. So walk or jump towards them w/ jumping FP if necessary(note the power up wears off after you attack so just try jumping w/ a good assist covering your ass). On top of that, if your opponent rushes down while your powered up, just Alpha counter and the glitch is still in effect.

Try this w/ Hulks Beta assist: Jump in FPxxHulk assist, j.HK,Headcrush…Juggernaut Punch, Headcrush(the OTG juggy punch and extra headcrush are just for show, the primary combo does over 100% glitched)

I’ll add more info as needed


P.S. My Steroids/Deathbutton/etc. DID beat Fommy(tonight actually)


Thanks for the input Robin. I definitely agree that Sent drones help out a lot to push someone back. Thats if you can keep them grounded while the drones are coming. BH’s assist definitely helps out too.

As for OTGing Sentinel after the FP throw. I’m pretty sure that Sentinel will always get a chance to roll before you can land that short. The other big 3 are pretty close to that as well, i.e. don’t fuck up. I actually tend not to throw Sentinel or the other 3 in the corner much simply because it usually isn’t worth the risk. You know, having to chase down the likes of Blackheart and Sentinel across the screen again doesn’t usually appeal to me. What I tend to do in the corner against them is use Jugg’s jumping attacks(which if staggered right can ground an opponent for a while with the right assist, Sentinel, backing you up).

I have found one thing that might work against Sentinel though. I’ve been experimenting with Jugg’s Roundhouse Throw and the Sentinel Drones. It seems that if you call out Sent right before you throw them, the drones will hit Sentinel the same moment that Sentinel hits the ground. This will provide an oppurtunity to HC him without throwing out a Juggernaut Punch.



A couple of thoughts on that.

  1. The corner throw OTG is unrollable if done right. That’s what makes it so good. The regular Jugg Punch OTG has been known since day 1. And since an opponent gets all day to react to the FP throw (crap!! Roll!!!) then it almost never works.

Best thing to do after a Midscreen FP throw and they roll is dash back and either

a.Low short or Fierce-> HC
b.Opposite direction throw into corner.

2.Having your power up and NOT getting juggy out (and glitching him) isn’t worth it at all, in my opinion. IF you can’t get Juggy out by the time the opponent gets 2 meters (and can DHC) you’re screwed. Besides, it’s painful for me to see non glitched Juggy damage.

  1. When I mean I almost beat him… I meant in a tourney… casual play doesn’t count. I’ve beaten a whole lot of good/decent players with my team in casual play.

Come up to Richmond sometime… only decent arcade left in VA.


can someone try this combo for me?

juggernaut and thanos in this order.

Opponent in the corner. j.fierce v b+fierce> jab juggernaut punch> thanos assist(capture type)> c.short(otg)> jab juggeranut punch>(capture hits) j.fierce> c.fierce ^ jab> short> strong> forward> fierce>roundhouse v short> c.fierce> sj.fierce throw.

you can use spiderman’s assist instead of thanos.