Juggle/combos that will stun and chracter



well I know that after the short hurricane a standing friece punch timed corecltywill keep it going and then after that you try that conbo over with a dash or do a short , forward deamon flip now if they block it wil the friece punch depending on the attack and the juggle can go on from there put does anyone have some really good juggles that will stun damn near any character other then JR I know he does watch him play at EVO was just great!!!




dont put it in a story… do it a bit schematic like LK hurricane kick, HP, etc coz this confuzzles me


Akuma aint exactly the type of character you want to be aiming to stun opponents with, thats more Makotos role, Akuma is just about rushing them the fuck down. And if you just happen to stun them well thats fine but don’t specifically Aim to stun them with Akuma just rush them down.
If you want to use Stun chars use Makoto or SA3 Necro or something.

Just some advice.


Failing english eh?