Juggle limit glitch

I was looking through my old street fighter vids and found a pair of videos I made a long time ago demonstrating a glitch I found.


Basically, if you reset someone during a juggle and launch them again the same frame they hit the ground, the juggle counter does NOT reset… just watch the video it’s pretty obvious what’s happening.

Hmm, that’s interesting.
Wonder why that happens…

Nice find. I fooled around and applied it to Oro as well.

Here’s another weird glitch: Yang’s close standing Forward and Ibuki’s close Roundhouse (2nd hit) normally launch on their own, but they won’t launch if they’re done meaty. All other launchers will work when done meaty, including Yun’s own close standing Forward. Why Yang and not Yun? Who knows.

great stuff!

i think for akuma …juggle stops at the 2nd hurricane kick …which happens to know when it was done on a stunned opponent .

yeah is a bug .

I’m guess the opponent is never allowed to enter a state where the juggle counter can be reset. When I get home I need to see if this glitch still happens if you start the second combo with a move that doesn’t launch. So something like: (akuma) LK Tatsu, LP (Reset)… cr.MK XX LK Tatsu, attempt juggle.

Nah, glitch only happens when the first hit of the second combo launches.

Ill try this when I get home, but perhaps there is an amount of time that the opponent has to be in neutral position before you can launch after a reset and have the juggle count reset. Just a guess, but it seems to me that you are catching the opponent with the second launcher immediatley after the opponent lands. But if anyone wants to test it out, try doing the reset and then allow the opponent to stand for diff amounts of time before the second launch.

Isn’t it only the damage counter that get’s reset? I’m sure you can’t follow up with a special after a reset in certain situations. Was that second hurricaine a meaty?