juggle numbers

haha yes. :cool:

i updated the first post with temporal thunder and tyrant slaughter numbers.

special treat- for the oro beast that is hungbee, i have discovered oro’s close standing strong juggle numbers:
1st hit is 1 juggle
2nd hit is 2 juggles

Anyone ever tried linking the 5th juggle with a T.T.?

M fireball get them in the air, RK tackle, EX tackle, MK tackle and link to temporal thunder? a nice damaging and stunning 10 hit combo.

uhh yeah man you should actually read threads before you post.

then why am i able to do

cFP(2), exHDBT(2), cFP(1), exHDBT(2)?

wouldn’t this be considered… counts fingers… 7 hits / 9 juggle?

this combo only works in 2nd impact. uriens juggle numbers are different for 3rd strike. in 2nd impact, only the second hit of uriens low fierce counts as one juggle, and ex headbutts count as two juggles.

why can i do cr hp(2 hits), ex headbutt, ex headbutt? Isnt this 8 hits? :confused:

well, i play the japanese version of 3rd strike on my ps2 (yes, i downloaded it and burned it… i don’t care)

i’m positive that it’s third strike because it says, “Streetfigther III: 3rd Strike” when i play =\ so i don’t know… maybe it’s just the jap version that i can do that combo in?

if your version has chun li then its 3rd strike. if not, then it isnt.

yup, i got that hot bitch… man… what i’d do to bone her… i mean, yes! my version is 3S!

edit: oops, my apologies… i’m playing 3S but i was using gill at the time, you’re right… i can’t do the cFP exHB cFP exHB combo… =\

please read the first page, this question has already been answered. but, because i bought 5 hours at the yokohama manboo internet cafe, i have the time to answer it again.

first of all, no, that combo is 6 hits at most, as for juggles it is 8 juggles at most.

there is nothing special about that combo because youre doing the second exheadbutt at five juggles, which is before the six limit. if you continued the combo after the second ex headbutt, that would violate the juggle numbers laws.

ok since im really bored ill dish then ken juggle numbers

ex tatsu is?1 per hit if from air
jab shoryu is 3 if ground or air

Thnx for the info, are you a juggle guru?

Man i think outta all the users on SRK, you make the most sense.

How bout showing a Makoto scrub some of those lovely juggles, if she has any.

I know this is the urien-forum but… would you mind put up the yun numbers?

haha thanks for the compliments guys, and yes i am a juggle guru. im in japan right now, uhh maybe i can figure out the other characters` juggle numbers when i have the time.

Let’s get some juggle numbers for some normal attacks. Yun’s cr.Strong is 1 juggle? How cheap is that?!?!?!?!

What’s that fatbear? You’ve got more information already!?!?

That’s right! All UOH’s are 1 juggle (I’m assuming, tested a couple and I don’t see why they’d be different). That’s not all! Yun’s palm is 1 juggle normally or in genei jin.

But i thought juggle numbers didn’t matter in Genei-jin!

Well…normal attacks in geneijin reset the juggle counter but palms do not (not sure about other specials). I have a video somewhere of me doing palm, lp shoulder XX genei jin, palm, palm, twds+mk. The Twds+mk clearly go right through the opponent. 3 palms + shoulder (which is 3 juggles) = 6 juggles!!!


Stay tuned…

hello it’s time for more juggle numbers! :slight_smile:

this time it’s yun, almost all of fatbear’s info is incorrect, but at least he tried. :slight_smile:
all leap attacks are 1 juggle if they connect to a stunned body that is off of the ground, if not they are all 6 juggles.

yun juggles
toward + fierce = 1
palm = 1
dragon kick = 6 (3 per hit, if only 2nd hit connects, you have 3 juggles remaining)
ex dragon kick = 3 (1 first hit, 2 for 2nd hit)
shoulder = 3
close neutral standing forward = 3
crouching strong = 6

in genei-jin mode, every move except throws creates a jugglable body at the cost of 0 juggles. if you fail to continue a combo it is because you were too slow or fast, not due to lack of remaining juggles.

i think this info is correct, however i may be wrong.

how can crouching strong be 6 is you can tag dp+lk after it?

and ex dragon kick, hk dragon kick works as well doesnt it?

i really dislike answering the same question over and over, but i guess it’s gotta be done again.

yun low strong is 6 juggles but moves like his short and ex dragon kicks attack soon enough that they can continue the combo. the strange thing is that if you hit the opponent in the air with a low strong XX ex dragon kick, you can still link another hit in. this is a violation of the juggles rule, however i do not know any other way to explain it, other than it’s the low strong exception.

if yun’s low strong was 1 juggle, you’d be able to do 6 times in a row while they were in the air, for a 6 hit combo.

aight now to makoto

short or forward axe kick from the air: 1 juggle as far as i can tell.
ex axe kick: first hit is 1, 2nd hit is a knockdown.
hayate: 3 if from air
ex hayate: 3 always
fukiage: 3

sorry man (A) but i understand it now, if you can cancel it you can tag other moves behnid it?