Juggle points

Let’s say I catch an opponent with an awkward anti-air like kara hp fireball or the second hit of close s.mp [and playing SA2]. Would I walk/dash up and do 2-hit mp xx yagyou, like if it was a late air chicken? Or would I want to do 1-hit–chicken, 1-hit xx yagyou?

PROTIP: If you want to be on the other side of you opponent after a no-meter chicken combo, end with 1 hit s.mp xx uppercut instead of just uppercut. Most the time at least. I can imagine it not working in some situations but just on characters you wouldn’t land a normal chicken combo on anyway, I think.

anti-air fireball you could do the fireball(1point)>2-hit mp(1+3 points, total 5)>super, as fireballs only eat up one juggle point. If you catch with the 2nd hit of a close mp, you can’t really get into an unblockable effectively. It eats up 3 points, so you can either c.mp(4 total)> tengu, or you can c.mp(4 total)>chicken(5 total)>uppercut(6)

The objective when doing unblockables is to get a c.mp to do the 5th juggle point, and the yagyou to do the 6th, so they can’t tech roll.

Edit: I guess you could do c.mp (second hit) (3), fireball (4), dash, c.mp(5)xxsuper for an unblockable, but that requres a charge so its not exactly practical, and I’m not sure how easy it would be to get the fireball to even hit. Would be cool for a combo video or something.

Not with SA2… LOL.