Juggle Potential Values and Exceptions

So as we know by now, juggles are a huge part of this game. It seems that there is a basic set of rules in place for juggling, along with a bunch of exceptions. I personally think character-specific exceptions make things more interesting, and I’d love to eventually know every one.

So to get things started, the Brady guide gives us a little bit of information (just covering normals):

  • Most light attacks have a juggle potential of 2
  • Most medium attacks have a juggle potential of 3
  • Most heavy attacks have a juggle potential of 4

What is a juggle potential? Well, it’s basically the limit on how many times that attack can be used in a juggle, BUT you have to also factor in how many juggles occurred BEFORE it.

For example, since mediums have a JP of 3, I could juggle with a cr. MP 3 times in a row. However, if I do a cr. LP first, that takes up 1 juggle spot. So then I can only do 2 more cr. MPs.

If I go for a 3rd MP in that situation it will whiff, because the total juggle count has passed 3. So for the 4th juggle, I would need an HP (which has a JP of 4). Get it?

Now, like I mentioned earlier, there are some exceptions to these rules. The Brady guide states that one of these exceptions is Ryu’s cr. MP, which only has a JP of 2. Why? Who the f*ck knows!

So moving forward, I’d hope we could gather as much info on this as possible. Things to think about:

  • What is the standard JP for a regular special move? I suspect it’s 5, but I could be wrong.

  • What is the standard JP on EX specials? How about supers? Any exceptions?

  • We already know about Ryu’s cr. MP exception, which is less than the standard JP, but are there any normals with a *higher *JP than normal? Are there any moves with unlimited JP?

edit: i will keep this post updated with all the standard JP’s we find.

Update 1 - Ground bounces:
A move that begins a ground bounce will take up 1 of your JP’s. For example, if you do Law’s b+MP,MP string (which groundbounces), you can follow up with another b+MP,MP for another groundbounce. At that point, your juggle count is at 3, so you can no longer do any medium attacks. But you can continue with a cr.HP (JP 4), into Shaolin Spin kicks (JP 5).

So the limits are not on the actual ground or wall bounces, it’s the move that *causes *the ground or wall bounce.

Kings uf+mk has jp of 4…

Ok, so it seems that consistency was thrown out the window for EX moves. very interesting…

Ryu’s EX Donkey has JP of 2.

Paul’s EX Smasher is 3.

Nina’s EX Skull Splitter is 3, but can be 4 if you get a ground bounce first.

Abel’s EX Shoulder is 5. damn…

I’m starting to think that normals (non-command) are the only moves that stick with the same values across most characters. I also think I might be wrong about ground / wall bounces not affecting the JP. Does anyone have S-Kill’s cell number?

how does juggle potential of ex moves work?

like when you say abel’s has a juggle potential of 5…5 what? i understand the whole 2 lights, 3 mediums and 4 heavies, but not this.

so, is there any way to reset the count??
Also, king’s knee doesnt’ have a JP of 4, the first one you use to put them in juggle state doesn’t count.

let’s say you juggled your opponent with 1 jab, 2 mediums, and 1 special so far. At this point your juggle count is at 4, so you can only continue juggling with moves that have a JP of 4 or higher.

So after those first 4 juggles, if you juggle them again with EX Shoulder, it will hit (because its JP is 5). Now you’ve juggled them in the air 5 times so far…

If you go for another EX Shoulder, it will whiff. Because the only thing that can juggle them a 6th time is a move with JP of 6 or more.

So you could think of it as a formula:

let’s say the move you want to juggle has a Juggle Potential value that = “X”

and the amount of times you juggled them so far = “T”

X - T = the number of times you can still juggle with that move

if EX Shoulder’s JP is 5, and you’ve juggled them 4 times so far, then 5 - 4 = 1. So you can juggle them with 1 EX Shoulder. After that, it will be 5 - 5 = 0 (you can no longer juggle with EX Shoulder)

so far, switch canceling is the only known way to reset the juggle count.

ok, after more experimenting last night, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are just TOO MANY exceptions in this game to ever list anything consistent here (besides the basic normals rule).

if i tried to find and list every move’s JP, it would take 2 weeks and be 10 pages long. so screw it.

i just really wish the Brady guide had added an extra JP column for all the moves. it would have been so useful.

ah well, maybe there will be a new / updated guide for the 12 DLC chars