Juggle properties

OK, feel free to deleat the shit out of this thread if this has been answered many times before.

Can someone explain the juggle properties of SA2? the different strengths and stuff. When trying unblockable setups I’ve found that sometimes the opponent will be juggled twice (after mp xx chicken x2, mp xx SA2) thus messing up my timing. I’m guessing that this is character specific and also it appears that it happens more often with the mp version.

anyway, any help would be great and also is there a chicken combo into unblockable that works on all characters (excluding yun, yang and hugo)

Finally do the unblockables using S.mp (2 hit) into ex fireball/SA2 etc rely on your opponent not quickstanding? I’m not sure what the deal is.


The Yagyou sometimes hits twice because of the way the body falls into the Yagyou. If the opponent’s hitbox and the Yagyou overlap again on the opponent’s way up after bouncing off the first Yagyou hit, you’ll get that stupid second hit. There’s not much you can do about it in a real match, because it depends on how early or late you do the last launch and how early or late you cancel to Yagyou.

There are no universal unblockables; the preferred Yagyou strength and number of dashes are just character-specific, though there are clusters of characters that the same setup will work on. For example, Strong Yagyou - dash x2 works on all the shotos, Jab Yagyou - dash x3 works on Makoto and Chun-Li, and Fierce Yagyou - dash x1, walk a few pixels works on Ibuki and Remy.

There are, however, universal setups:

  1. chicken combo (5 hits) xx Yagyou (as you mentioned, everyone except Hugo and grounded twins)

  2. 2-hit launch, walk up launch xx Yagyou (everybody, though it’s easy on some characters and harder on others)

  3. jump in air chicken, 2-hit launch xx Yagyou (everybody)

The Yagyou strength and number of dashes depends only on the character, not the setups above. These setups all do 5 juggle points, leaving the Yagyou for the last point.

2-hit launch, EX fireball/SA2 is worthless because it’s easy to roll out. However, there are two ghetto setups that are rollable but still work in a real match:

  1. Chicken combo ending with 2-hit launch by accident, Yagyou. On some characters like Makoto, she can still be guard broken whether she rolls or not. It’s up to you to think on the fly.

  2. Throw (strangle or backthrow), Yagyou. Activate the Yagyou just before the opponent hits the ground: the superfreeze will make it harder for them to time their roll input. Again, think on the fly.

The best EX fireball unblockable is off a corner Yagyou reset on a character that can be crossed up in the corner. You can see this in SaBrE’s match against an Alex player in the Arizona tourney.

i thought that the way yagou (sometimes twice or once) matters on how fast you dash. you can’t dash too slow cause the ball will hit twice, but you can’t dash too fast or else you’ll dash right under them

thanks muchly jinrai, quick reply and very helpful :slight_smile:

So the reason it seems to happen more with the mp version and against certain characters is just to do with hitboxes and the way the SA2 travels?

I already had shotos and chun covered with chicken style unblockables and I generally just use SA3 against hugo, yun and yang. I just wanted to get consistent against the other characters.

Picking up on something you said about the throw into SA2. Are there many different follow ups to that (to make it over your opponent) as I realise that certain groups of characters get up quicker/slower. Also if the opponent taps down even before the super freeze, won’t it still count (like a parry before a super freeze) I’m not sure what the window is on quickstanding.

again cheers for any help

I don’t know what the window is on quickstanding either, but it seems to work. As for followups, it depends. Dash until you think they’ll get up into it, then jump over. On some characters, you won’t even need to dash.

My favorite setup is backthrowing Necro into the corner and activation Jab Yagyou right before he hits the ground. Then, just jump in with a crossup Forward and follow into the chicken combo. Even if Necro rolls, he’s screwed.

Oh, and I discovered a new unblockable setup last night. Works on everyone, but it’s most useful (and easiest) on HUGO. :wink:

Launch (1 hit) xx Fierce Fireball, dash, Launch (2ND HIT ONLY) xx Yagyou.

Hugo can’t duck the fireball and can’t retaliate if it’s blocked, not even with reversal Gigas. The only thing he can do is try to red parry. This setup is similar to Inoue’s, but it’s easier and doesn’t cover as much of the stage.

What’s cool about this is that it actually uses the 2nd launch hit alone on purpose! The first launch and fireball do 1 juggle point each, while the 2nd launch hit does 3. It adds up to 5, which is optimal for unblockable setups.

I made a quick video of the new unblockable:


Nice job, when I was trying the inoue combo I kept thinking there had to be a decent unblockable in there somewhere, but I didnt bother to figure it out. I like the second hit of the mp to start the unblockable, its very different.

By request, here’s Inoue’s original setup:

Launch xx Fierce Fireball, Roundhouse Chicken, Launch xx Fierce Fireball xx Jab Yagyou, followup.

It’s fancier and a lot harder than my version. Read the description on the site.

are you sure that combo works against anyone? if so, let me know what i am doing wrong and how to do it? thanx.

On most characters, you need to connect the first launch hit as far away as possible without whiffing. Useless, but possible.

Now I see…:wgrin:

Now I see…:wgrin: