Juggle System


Understanding the underlying systems to something is sort of important to me. So while I know the general base rules of SFV’s juggle system, it also operates around a lot of forced restrictions, which, as a 3S player, I am not used to. I understand the 3S juggle system well enough, as it’s very simple and easy to understand. Every attack has a juggle point (*Note: that not every attack puts them into a juggle state), and every juggle point the opponent has reduces the amount of juggle time, reaching a “near” unjuggleable state around 6+ points (It’s really 7+ where it’s gets near impossible). Certain things like supers can reset this value, and can combo opponents on an “air reset” entirely due to the fact that even though a move that doesn’t put them into a juggle state hit them in the air and reset them, it that move set the juggle time at a value of 1 or something, a super can still “juggle” them from that state.

Anyway, I’m just curious if anyone here knows the exact workings of SFV’s juggle system. I know it seems to separate it’s juggle states into normal, special and EX sort of juggle states. Certain characters’ normals sometimes seem to be given special level properties as well (this was true of Nash’s HP in the beta, not sure if it’s the case now). Beyond that the game also seems to have some form of juggle points, as moves which normally work after a certain move, will cease to work if done at the end of a long combo. You can use Ken’s shoryuken cancels into V-trigger to figure this out, as you can do a long series, cancel out of his EX DP into V-trigger, but won’t be able to do anything beyond that, even if it would normally allow for it, had you done it from the beginning.

So yeah, does anyone know someone who has compiled this information somewhere? If so, I’d like to read it.

Thanks in advance.