Juggling fighting games..?


How do you guys do it? I found a new interest in marvel. despite all the bullshit I actually enjoy it alot and I’ve been playing none stop the past couple days But after I went back to AE I noticed I don’t feel as comfortable as I did when it was my main game… I’m missing a bunch of links and stuff like that and I really dont want to drop none of the games because I enjoy them all. What should I do?


Practice more. It’s going to take time to adjust playing multiple games at a consistent and high level, but it’s all about putting more time in. If you thought it was a huge time investment to become proficient in one game, you literally have to double that time if you want to become better in another game, especially if they’re completely different types of games (like SF4 and UMVC3 are).

So, get to practicing. If you don’t have time to practice both, then you’re either going to have to stick to one game and play it in order to become a top player, or learn to play both at a mediocre level.



You’ll get out of practice in one game… if winning is not that big a thing or playing at the peak of your performance then go ahead…

Getting rusty at a game that you know how to play is the worst…