Juggling Issues

This is against ken, I’m having trouble with the timing for the j. machine guns after the ex machine launch, i usually get one, but i rarely get 2, he always interupts the fall with the littler hits, any help guys? Also, after the c. rh launch, i can do a j. machine then ex upper, but i can’t land that second fierce upper, is it possible? Help a brotha out.

For me, 2 j.mgb’s are too risky.
You gain a little bit of damage but risk the ender for the combo. If you really have your heart set on it… do the 2nd j.mgb RIGHT after the first.

And, i don’t know about the 2nd… after a c.rh i usually j.mgb into ducking upper.
Good luck.

Go to this thread.


4) c. roundhouse -> jab MGB -> jab MGB -> twds +

kal el strikes me as an experienced player. This is probably accurate.

Meh, depends on how much life you’ve got to spare. If you’ve got enough life to mess with your opponents mind then you can do little reset mix-up.

If you get the 2nd machine gun blow: go to backswing blow.

If you mess up on the 2nd one: jab or strong them as they’re falling, this should put them back on their feet. Then, you can do Dud’s overhead (and hopefully super) this catches a good deal of people. I dunno, that’s the main one, mix up however you see fit. Oh, ducking to backswing blow is good, too.

reset them with mp xx duck under, then throw, ssb, whatever

i never, ever do two jab mgbs. its too risky for like 3 damage, its like doing that extra dash jab in a tekken juggle, go for it if you want, but you could mess up the good part of the combo.

What should i go for then, thats the good part? Backswing blow cancel is a lil risky too in my oppinion, i seem to be the most confortable with the s. mk x jet upper, what do you recomend for damage and dependability?

after ex mgb on shoto sized characters ill just do f+mk xx hp dp

on chun i do c.rh, mk ducking upper

on smaller characters (twins/ibuki/oro) ill usually do either straight up mk ducking upper, which is garunteed damage/knockdown and i never mess up, or jab mgb into mk ducking upper, which looks better and does like 5 more damage, but is easier to mess up.

juggling issues, combos and what not were already covered in the Complete Dudley Thread as well as the Ask Me Anything About Dudley thread.


if you’re talking midscreen, the follow up to EX MGB with the best damage vs. most of the cast is twds + forward x fierce Jet Uppercut. best for dependability is forward Ducking Uppercut, hands down.

if you’re talking corner, best for damage while not being too difficult to execute is jab MGB -> twds + forward x fierce Jet Uppercut. most dependable IMO is jab MGB -> short SSB. it’s a total no brainer and has no risk whatsoever. you see jab MGB hit, just do a hcb + short and you have it made. with twds + forward x fierce Jet Uppercut, timing is a little stricter 'cuz you have to somewhat walk and make sure twds + forward hits deep enough so the fierce Jet Uppercut doesn’t miss. so really, i don’t know why you mentioned SSB being “a lil risky too”.


I always go for MGB x 3 against shotos and twins cause it looks tight. It’s easy… Dudley has much harder combos than that.

lol ok fat bear, are we supposed to be impressed or something? each additional mgb adds like 5, then 3, then like 1, just go with whatever works for you, its not the deal of the extra mgbs being hard, its about them being worth it. but whatever works for you is good.

Well,I use Dudley’s third Super Art Move always,cause when my super gauge is full,I can do an uppercut,then a Corkscrew Blow!:tup: After the uppercut lands,just hurry and get in close,and land a CorkScrew Blow.It does a lot of damage and allows you to have a lot of time to retreat.

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