Juggling Ryu with jab mg x2?

I remember watching the Japanese players face off Dudley vs. Ryu and seeing Rabo connecting 2 jab mg’s after the ex mg. What the heck? I’ve tried this so many times and can’t get the timing down at all =(

Is this possible with all characters? And if it is, then what’s from stopping all characters being able to be juggled with c.rh? (I remember reading a post saying the only characters being able to be juggled multiple times with c.rh are Hugo/Q/Remy/Alex/Dudley/All the girls/and Twelve was it?)

only characters that you can multi-sweep are

  1. all the girls
  2. Alex
  3. Q
  4. Dudley
  5. Necro
  6. Remy
  7. Oro

Hugo and Twelve cannot be multi-swept, but you can do multiple jab MGB’s on them, just like the Shotos and the Twins.

i don’t really know how to explain the multi-jab MGB to you, but what i do is i bust the 2nd one out as soon as the 1st one hits. it’s definitely not as easy as sweeping, and it’s not a huge damage difference if you only do 1 as opposed to doing 2, so don’t worry about it too much.


If you’re just going for flash, ex mgb> jab mgbx2>short ssb>SA. Satisfying when you pull it off~

If it’s on Dudley, I can jab mg twice, but on Ryu it seems damn near impossible! I’ll keep trying, until then, Rabo is my hero T.T;

Also, I know it’s not much of a difference, whoever can do it consistantly I’ll give mad props to, because it is hard to execute.

I’ve done it 5 times off of a sweep on sean but i usually do 2 or 3 then a mk x uppercut


Well I can finally do 3 on Ryu/Ken the trick is to get the first jab mg off as soon as possible so the fist lands on their shins or a little above, if Dudley’s fist is hitting above their waist then you won’t be able to connect the 2nd jab mg. From there, although they do fall after every jab mg, you can get 2 or 3 all depending on how high they were when you hit them with the first. :tup:

Any chance of this working on the DC?

it works on dc, its just harder. its pretty easy on twins, even on dc. i find it alot easier to do when sweeping from the farthest distance.

I wouldn’t say it’s “harder” but it’s definately not the same as Xbox or PS2 versions because of the timing differences. But the difficulty level is about the same none the less =) Um, it would probably be best to practice on one of the other characters before trying to juggle shotos. You can practice it on Dudley while practicing multiple sweeps in the corner or sweep -> jab mg -> jab mg -> sweep -> sweep or any of them sequentially :tup:

jab mgb 2 is almost pointless anyway. it does like 4 more points of damage, and if you mess up you miss the ender in your combo. its definately not neccessary, i barely see any good dudleys do it unless they absolutely need every little tick of damage in like a life/death situation. and it is harder on dc, the timing is tighter, its a proven fact.

It’s definately more fun for yourself if you try to go for it =P What’s wrong with trying to pull off something harder than just the normal? Rabo is my hero T.T; As he’s the only one that was using the double jab mg in the Japan Dudley vs Ryu Tournament.

why is he your hero? the reason no one else used it because its not worth it…

K.O. was my hero in the Dud vs Ryu exhibition. he owned with dudley. Too bad he doesn’t use him as his business char. Def fun to watch.

I agree, on certain characters that it’s hard to do on (mainly shotos) I won’t even attempt 2, unless I know I connected the sweep at max range. If I hit an EX MGB on a shoto I don’t ever try jab MGB x2…why bother when I can do jab MGB, EX upper, HP upper for 70+ damage? :tup:

Also, I don’t know if this is exactly right cause I tested it a long time ago, but im 99% sure that the difference in damage between

c.hk, jab MGB, short SBB xx SA3
c.hk, jab MGB, jab MGB, short SBB xx SA3

is EXACTLY 1 point of damage because of damage scaling. You get ONE more point of damage for the extra mgb. The stun on the juggle hit of a jab MGB is barely anything, also. To me, thats not even worth it on easy characters like the twins. You’re risking the finisher, which in the corner, is usually short SBB, which gives GREAT damage and stun for ONE extra point of damage? It’s just not worth it to me.

I should go back and test what the damage difference is without canceling into super. I would assume that makes it significant. But seriously, c.hk, jab MGB, short SBB gives you good meter as it is, you’d have to have almost ZERO meter to not have a super after that combo. Not to mention corks meter to begin with…I seem to never run out of them.

Well you guys know what, the reason why I go for double jab mg’s is the same reason why I don’t go for cheap finishes and pick the entire roster. Risks are fun :badboy: And yeah, KO owned the shit out of everyone at the Dudley Ryu Tournament :badboy: