what can/cannot be juggled to what? exrj -> lkrj? I see it on videos all the time, but I can’t hit them.

only thing I have found that I can consistently juggle is exjk (to airborn opponent) -> st hk

  • 2nd hit of light RJ --> full juggle into LK, MK or EX RJ in the corner (mid screen is char specific)
  • 1 or 2 hits of EX RJ --> juggle to light RJ
  • 1 (last) hit of EX RJ --> Ultra 2
  • EX JK (air to air) --> juggle to light RJ or another EX RJ
  • EX JK (air to air) --> Ultra 2 or any RJ if you are close to the corner

Close or Far HK can juggle if you are close enough


THANK YOU BRO! this helps ALOT! was this just trial and error that you picked this up or is there a resource that maps this stuff out?


Hmmmm … basically it is data you can find here in the srk wiki frame data … but I learned it more or less from trial & error and some videos