Ever get the urge to just consume mass quantities of juice?

Today my body just decided I had consumed too much pizza, soda, beef, and potatoes in the last week and forced me to pick up the keys and drive to Kroger to buy Orange, Apple, and Tomato Juice.

Orange juice is your classic juice. Hard to improve, and good for a multitude of things.

Apple is the classic alternative. A complete equal to orange, but milder and gentler. My choice when I am ill, or simply as a snack.

Tomato is something I crave every so often. I drink it in a tall clear glass, with plenty of ice for a faux bloody mary. You may like it with a little bit of salt.

The ability to drink juice every day is one of the greatest things about modern civilization in my opinion. There’s practically no downside at all to drinking it, and it is always a pleasure. It’s doubly so for vegetable juices, which embue me with a sense of well being and power that no other food product can.

I love even the less popular juices, like Grapefruit and Cranberry. A glass of grapefruit juice is very rejuvenating.

Feel free to suggest new types, or brands of juices.

This is the juice thread.

If you don’t have one of these you are not a true juice enthusiest.

People that leave frozen juice in the pitcher to de-thaw before making it are the biggest n00bs and a disgrace to juice drinkers all over the world.

I don’t like how this post was made while I’m at work. Now I’ll be craving juice for another 11 hours.

When I’m home all I drink is this fruit juice called Tampico. It’s probably the only fruit juice thats yellow. Its thick and delicious (no homo). I’ve been drinking it since I was in the 2nd grade and now if I don’t have some for a couple of day I literally go through withdrawals.

Recently I’ve been on a Grapefruit/Pomegranate fruit juice kick…Too good.

My parents fell for this scam where they were buying Goji juice for 50$ a bottle. How much does it cost you?

No juice at home. Only drink water. Occasionally buy juice when out of the house. It’s not something I miss.

I love all juices pretty much. It’s the main way I get my daily intake of fruit.

Nothing beats Orange Juice though. I plan my morning around OJ.

I buy a gallon of diet Lipton green tea, and two 64 oz OceanSpray bottles of Blueberry pomegranate or Raspberry every week. It all goes so fast…mainly because of me lol.

A couple times a year my folks buy a crate of grapefruit and I roll down to their place to steal some for juice.

Fresh grapefruit juice is pimpin.

Thanks man. Thank God it was a while ago, they wasted a 100$ though.

Should of made them watch this: [media=youtube]bU_gjNuaWFw[/media]

Anyhow I love any 100% juice. Start everyday with Orange.

when i was in high shcool i got into some beef with my boy bishop

long story short is i ended up throwing him off a roof and then someone told me “Yo, you got the juice now, man”

no idea what he meant, anyone know??

you got the juice now, dog

When did black people discover what juice is? Whitey has failed for not hiding it as well as they used to.


This. The establishment had me believing that the only juice available was Sunny D and Donald Duck orange juice.

I’m an Orange Juice kinda guy. I mean, I go through 3 boxes of this stuff a week at least. Hell, there’s an entire one sitting right next to me. I don’t drink Coke or any of that crap, orange is all I need.

BONUS: Ladies love it because it makes your sperm taste better. That’s more than can be said about some other juices out there (I’m looking at you, Asparagus Minute Maid).

Lately I’ve been drinking Cran-Apple juice purely. I can’t get enough of it.

Nice. :rofl:

Kari Anne Peniche ass thread…

In before and during “Nigga, what the fuck is JUICE?”

I drink a lot of lemonade and/or tea. And a big glass of OJ with breakfast most days.