Juju will be available in the second mystery DLC vote


A brief analysis of Juju before her information was taken down in the character page which hasn’t been updated yet.

If everyone I care about flops sure. Really how there is a joke chartcer at some point hard match-ups can be really fun

She will be added IF the whole “law thing” is done by then. Still a big chance but it isn’t given. :stuck_out_tongue:

They source I linked to is the CEO of labzero. This isn’t a matter of “IF” anymore.

You clearly didn’t read any of his earlier posts then. What you showed is taken from middle of conversation and without context. I know because I was watching that thread from the beginning.

That’s a HUGE advantage for anyone that wanted her. She doesn’t risk losing first round cuts.

edit: nvm misunderstood but it’s still a blessing and curse.

“Her gun Gorgon 13”