[Jul 1, 2012] Arch City Presents Super Smash Bros Brawl! (Bridgeton, MO)


I know that there’s not many in the FGC that likes smash but i did wanna let you guys know about a tournament going down on the 1st so here are the details.

[LEFT]Following up on the Smash Bros Tourny:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]DATE: Sunday, July 1st[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Time: 2:00 Sign in & Warm-Ups[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3:00 Tournament starts[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Fees: $5.00 Venue Fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$5:00 Tournament Fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Prizes: Tournament Fee will go into the pot.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]The more players the bigger the pot.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Payout: 1st: 70%[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd: 20%[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd 10%[/LEFT]
[LEFT]In the event of a small turnout(7 or less) the split will be 80/20.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Rules for the tournament: **Unity Ruleset[/LEFT]