[Jul 1, 2012] ATL FINALROUNDBATS (Atlanta, Georgia)


This is a start of a new era in competitive Fighting game tournaments in Atlanta, GA. This year i’m back to run local events again to help our scene get that killer instinct we sorely need. I see the raw natural talent in Ga and surrounding states in the SouthEastern region, but we don’t have that edge that other battle tested regions have. This is where **ATL-FINALROUNDBATS **comes into play. ATL-FRbats is here to provide a place for those that are willing to strive to be the best to attend and compete in the best prize a player that is serious about playing these games could have. ATL-FRbats will be a Biweekly tournament (a tournament every two weeks) held on Sunday at:
MJQ Concourse (Drunken Unicorn) 736 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306

MJQ is a staple in the underground club scene for decades and is now the home of ATL-FRbats! I can not be happier with our new venue and we thank MJQ for being our host in the start of a new era in competitive gaming in the ATL. MJQ is located in the middle of the Atlanta. There is no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to attend these events as it is off several Marta bus lines. Now to the good stuff.

As you know Japan FINALROUNDBATS had a season in which several players from japan won their games to qualify/win a trip to the USA to compete in FINAL ROUND XV.This is the same thing I want to bring to our players here in the states. So of course the grand prize for winning FRbats will be a trip to japan for the winners of each game ran at ATL-FRbats to compete in Japan FINAL ROUNDBATS tournament. With any ranbat there must be a goal to work towards and I thought this would be the goal that could get our local community hungry like none other has before.

No more dreaming about if I ONLY HAD A CHANCE TO GO TO JAPAN! This is your chance to step out of the comfort zone you’re use too by going to a foreign land competing in a game you love to play. So get your passports ready!

Venue entry = $10
Game entry = $10 per game
2/3 double elimination format, 3/5 grand finals.

These are 5 games on the ATL-FRbats schedule for this season:
SoulCaliburV, Mortal Kombat 9, Super Streetfighter 4 AE version 2012, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and King Of Fighters XIII

This is how the games will be pared during this season. This schedule was made to prevent a lot of cross over in games played during that day. I know a lot of people play multiple games, but this is the schedule as of right now. Any game that attendance is low is subject to be removed from the ranbats. I will not waste my money or time on a game if people don’t want to support their scene. This is how Players will earn the trip to japan:

*FR Ranbats Points:
1st = 10pts
2nd = 7pts
3rd = 5pts
4th = 3pts
5th = 1pts

At the end of the season the highest total of points will win the Flight to japan in the game they won. In the event of a tie the players in the tie will play a 1st to 10 to decide who will take grand prize. If one player wins in multiple games the 2nd place player of that 2nd game will receive the flight instead of two flights for one person. The 1st place player will choose what game he would like to take his flight from and then the 2nd place will choose and that is only if their is one person that wins in multiple games. There can only be 1 winner of each game in these ranbats and let me tell you how this can happen.

How the trip will be paid for:
$10-per game you enter.
50% goes towards the japan trip.
50% goes towards 1st and 2nd place (80/20)

This means the community/scenes support of each game at ATL-FRbats is vital to everything happening. This ranbat being successful will depend on our collective scenes bonding together for a common goal. Also with a prize like this people “SHOULD” play as serious as possible because in the end there is no Grand prize for 2nd place. All of this depends on our community getting a goal to work towards to get some hunger in your belly! I can see other states coming to ATL FRbats in hopes to take this prize away from GA players. This trip can only happen with the scene of each game attending. Low attendance Will hurt the chances of the winner attending FRbats in japan.

Will you let that happen? Will you let your friend take that prize from you? Lets see who has the drive to be the best and represent the USA in japan at FRbats. That is a HUGE honor that only a few have had to live up too throughout the history of the Fighting Game Community. Who will earn that honor to represent the USA on foreign soil?

General rules: Play with wireless controllers at your own risk! If you randomly pause a game due to not cutting your pad off the wireless controller you will forfit you next match. If you are in losers you will be DQ’ed from the tournament. Wireless pad random pause can ruin a match in progress and adds more time to the event. Random = DQ your next match.

All matches are Double Elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches.
You may request Blind Pick.
No turbo buttons allowed for any games.

This is a BYOC (bring your own controller/converter or joystick) event. Equipment malfunctions that pause/reset matches may result in game/match losses at the discretion of the tournament director.

Late comers rule= late players to the event will be put in the LOSERS BRACKET! I can understand 10-15 minutes late, but if you’re later than that you’ll start off in the losers bracket single elimination for you. I hope people don’t think that i’m joking with the late rule. I’m spending money on this venue and everything must start and finish on time! If you’re going to be late and you want to be added to the brackets we’ll do so if you call us, but if you don’t make it when your name is called you’ll be in the losers bracket.


NO GAMBLING in the tournament area - NO EXCEPTIONS!
No illegal substances allowed in the tournament area - NO EXCEPTIONS!
Cheating will not be tolerated - any sign of cheating will result in forfeit!
Any intentional forfeiting or conspiring to manipulate the brackets will result in ejection from the tournament and possible suspension from future events!
Fighting will result in ejection from the tournament area!

Game rules:

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3):
Galactus Mode is banned from tournament play.
No game breaking glitches allowed.
Winner keeps same starting character, but can switch order of assists.
You may not use the same character twice on the same team.
Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage.
All characters are tournament legal.

Super Street Fighter IV AE v2012 (PS3):
Winner keeps same character between games, but may change ultras.
Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stageAll characters are tournament legal

Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3):
All characters legal, including DLC.
Kratos is banned from tournament play.
Kratos’ stage and The Street stage are banned from tournament play due to stage lag.
Winner keeps same character between games.
Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage

The King of Fighters XIII (PS3):
60 second timer2/3 matches FOR THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT.
All characters are tournament legal.

SoulCaliburV (PS3):
Elysium, Edge Master, and Kilik are banned from tournament play.
All other characters are tournament legal.
Winner keeps same character between games.
Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage

If there’s low attendance I will stop running the ranbats and people can continue doing what they have been doing. I do not want to waste my time or money on something that won’t be appreciated by our scene. With that said I hope ATL-FRbats will become a staple in our local community, but it’s up to you guys to make that happen. It’s up to you guys to get your passports also. If you win and don’t have a passport then your prize goes to the 2nd place winner(If they have their passport). If they don’t have a passport either then it will go to the highest place player with a passport. We plan to have the 1st event on April 22, 2012 and the game will be SFxT and SCV.

Here’s the Schedule for ATL-FRbats:

April 22= SFxT and SCV,
May 6= SSF4AE V.2012 and MK9,
May 20= UMVC3 and KOF13,
June 3= SSF4ae V.2012, SFxT, and MK9
June 24= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
July 1= SSF4ae V.2012, SFxT, and MK9
July 22= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
Aug 5= SSF4ae V.2012, and MK9
Aug 19= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
Sept 2= SSF4ae V.2012, and MK9
Sept 23= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
Oct 7= SSF4ae V.2012, and MK9
Oct 21= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
Nov 4= SSF4ae V.2012, and MK9
Nov 18= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
Dec 9= SSF4ae V.2012, SFxT, and MK9
Dec 16= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
Dec 30= SSF4ae V.2012, and MK9
Jan 13= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13
Jan 27= SSF4ae V.2012, and MK9
Feb 3= UMVC3, SCV, and KOF13


I had to edit some dates. It should be good now.


let’s see how this goes.


Man, why’s Marvel gotta fall so close to July 4 and Christmas. I’mma be out of state with family and stuff. Shit ain’t fair!

Totally looking forward to this though. Awesome idea.


The first FinalRound Bat hosted by ShinBlanka isn’t that far away. Show your support by showing up. What are you doing ATL players? Lets step it up.


People know about this sir. They just post more on facebook than srk these days.


I know. But, some users hates Facebook.


Do you need setups? If so, I got you on Soulcalibur.


Yes we need ps3’s, but it’s 1st come 1st serve type deal on the discount. I have plenty of monitors now, so those aren’t needed. ps3/with game= $5 for entry.


I’m new to the competitive fighter scene, but I’ll definitely be there for SCV.


The 1st event for each game will be a random select made bracket. After that people will be seeded by ranbat points.


welcome to the Ga scene sir.


Thanks man.

What time does registration start on Sunday?


we start sign up’s at 2pm this sunday for frbats. If you have ps3+game door entry is $5. SCV and SFxT are going to start the ranbat season.


The Book House bar (in the same strip mall area) will be open to serve grown folks drinks at 5pm- until.


Ok. Sorry I don’t have a PS3 yet, but I’ll be there at 2. Once I get one, I’ll be glad to help out though.


Are you streaming Larry.


Maybe. I’ll post it up if we do.


Even though I got blown up hella free, it was great being there. I don’t play any of the other games (yet), but I will be out there next week to watch.


Thank you to everyone that came out to our 1st ATL FINALROUNDBAT. While it was small it was very fun.

SFxT top 5:

  1. Kiyoki Anthony Leach
    … 2. FR DBJoseph Joseph Crawford
  2. FR Druseph Drew Greiner
  3. J.D.
  4. Shin Blanka and HeavyWeight

SCV was a round robin of 4 peeps with JTO winning. Thanks for you guys coming out and I hope more peeps come out for that game the next time or it might be 1st on the choping block.

start time for the next event will be at 4:30pm May 6= SSF4AE V.2012 and MK9